The One Gift That Will Make Even The Hard To Shop For Happy

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It is officially the most wonderful time of the year.

If you don’t believe me, just turn on the radio, go shopping or take a walk around your neighborhood. With all the music, decorations and shopping happening, it sure feels happy and festive!

The only thing that can possibly bring anyone’s spirit down is if you have to shop for someone that is, well, hard to shop for. Or, you just don’t have the motivation to tackle your gift list, which I totally get. Sometimes it just seems almost insurmountable to get something awesome for every single person you have to shop for, and you just don’t know where to start. It happens.

The good news is, I actually have a gift that can thrill even the hardest person to shop for.

Pete and I made a deal with each other a few years ago that we wouldn’t be buying gifts just because.

No box fillers just to have something to give. But at the same time, neither of us have hours this time of year to become private shoppers for everyone on our list. We learned quickly that gifts that make life better and easier are the best gifts to get and receive. This year is our easiest year because we already figured out our go-to gift.

So what is this must-have gift for the holidays you ask?

It’s the ASUS Chromebook Intel®, connected with Core™ and m3 14” Laptop and we really love it!

We have been long-time Chromebook users.

They are absolutely awesome for traveling, schoolwork, business use, leisure use and so much more. I have one that I stream shows on every night and that the girls use for movie night. Pete loves using Chromebooks* powered by Intel® Core™ processors because they provide super-fast and snappy performance. With up to 4x faster web browsing**, 8x faster document loading**, and 2x faster uploading of videos**, Chromebooks* with Intel® Core™ inside delivers the processing power we need. He also loves that it starts in seconds, which saves so much time.

This was me deep in reflection mode because I totally know that it is the gift-giving season, but I really want to keep this one for myself. Not even slightly joking! It is just so sleek looking!

Thinking of those on your gift-giving list who would love a laptop for how the modern world works?

With thousands of apps, built-in virus protection (that even updates automatically), and cloud backups, it is the laptop of the present (pun intended) and future. It is secure, fast, up-to-date, versatile and simple to use and it has up to 8 hours** of battery life, so you can surf, work, or play from anywhere! It even has 12-months of Free 100GB storage to your Google One account to ensure that all of your files are backed up automatically. They thought of everything, right?

The pricing on this Chromebook* powered by Intel® Core™ laptop is gift-giving perfection!

With Walmart’s Everyday Low Pricing, you can purchase the ASUS Chromebook Intel®, connected with Core™ and m3 14” Laptop – for just $329.00.

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