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I'm partnering with  the MomCo app to bring you this post. It is full of mom must haves and I'm so excited to share this with you.

Have you head of MomCo? They were founded on the idea of Moms Helping Moms and to be your one stop resource for all moms. That includes sharing cool products that they discover and love! They are starting a new feature on their website and on the MomCo app called “Mom Must Haves.”  Each month, they will be sharing a blog post with products they feel moms need to know about. They will also be putting these products into the “Mom Must Haves” section of the MomCo app.  You can find it on the “Services” screen of the app.  

To kick off this new feature, they have started with apps that moms must have!  They discovered these apps over the past few months and absolutely love them and they are also happy to say that they have all been founded by moms. These moms saw pain points that moms were feeling and they created ways to solve those pain points.  Take a look and let them know what you think.  Of course, they also had to include the MomCo!  

Make sure to check out the Mom Must-Have section for other awesome products they think moms need to know about. Also, we would love to hear about the products that you and your kiddos love. Please leave any suggestions for our Mom Must-Haves in the comment section of this blog post.

App for Moms - MomCo


Description:  MomCo has done for moms what dating apps have done for singles. With the MomCo app, moms can effortlessly locate and connect with other moms in their community that have similar aged children and shared interests. No more wasted time or awkward moments at the playground trying to find moms to be friends with. It also helps moms find resources, products and services that they need. MomCo combined the best elements from other popular platforms currently being utilized by moms and streamlined them to meet the needs of the modern mom.

Thoughts:  The MomCo mamas are 2 moms that are trying to make other moms lives easier. Because they are moms of young children themselves, they know what moms want.  They built this app because it is genuinely something they wish they had when they first became moms.  Moms can now find friendship, playdates, support, events, deals, and services…all in one app!

Cost: Free

Where to download:
Google Play:

Cluck Cluck


Description:  CluckCluck helps organize and simplify communication between parents and their kids’ caregivers.  Parents can send one invitation to any (or all) of their go-to caregivers, see who’s available, and book the person they want. They can also provide access to task lists for each child, and get real-time, one-touch updates on those tasks from their sitter while away. Parents can also skip the ATM and pay caregivers directly from the phone and more.

Thoughts:  This app is genius.  One of the biggest challenges with going out without children is the logistics of coordinating what sitter is going to care for your children.  With the CluckCluck app, you can easily ask all of your favorite sitters if they are available, book the one you want, get updates while you are gone (is baby asleep yet?!) and pay the sitter through your phone. Life just got a lot easier with this app if you need to coordinate with caregivers.

Cost: $.99

Where to download:






Description:  As parents, we can all understand how tough it is to remember our kids’ incredible quotes and observations.  LittleHoots is a fast, fun and easy way to capture all the wonderful things your children say. Beautifuldesigner templates bring those moments to life instantly. Then, it’s archived forever.

Thoughts:  Love this app.  Everyone has kids that say the funniest things and as time passes, you forget.  Not anymore.   Now you can take out your phone and record it quickly with this app. Awesome!

Cost: Free

Where to download:

30Second Mom



830secondmomDescription:  30Second Mom creates engaging snackable content for busy moms from a variety of experts, and shares it in 30 seconds or less. It’s the first vertical launched by 30Second Mobile, a leading mobile media company launched by award-winning entrepreneur Elisa All, who previously founded (acquired by Disney).

Thoughts:  The 30Second Mom app is like that best friend you wish you had on call – all the time, and in no time at all. With nearly 150 experts sharing their best tips and ideas on every facet of motherhood, you’re bound to find a nugget of helpful info that will change your life for the better, in the same amount of time it takes you to watch a TV commercial!

Cost: Free

Where to download:

Be sure to check out these apps and let me know what you think!

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  1. My sister in law has been looking for a way to find other moms to have play dates with my nieces. This app sounds perfect to help her connect with mom of other toddlers in their area.

  2. This sounds like a great app for moms for sure. I am going to have to share this with my sisters and my niece. Thanks for sharing the information.

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