The “Mom Guide” To Surviving A Cold

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The dreaded Mom Cold can wipe out even the strongest mom. Thank you CVS for partnering with us to bring The Mom Guide To Surviving A Cold. Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #StayHealthyWithCVS campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


In a strange twist of fate I am actually writing this from my couch as I survive a cold myself. Mom colds are no joke. The reality is that no matter how sick you are, once you are a mom you aren't really allowed to get sick. I mean you can “get” sick… but forget about being out of commission for any amount of time. It's just not allowed.

Take the last couple of weeks around here. 

It went something like this. Ashley was up all night sick to her stomach. Thankfully she is old enough to pretty much take care of herself. But that didn't stop me from staying up all night listening to her be sick, because I have mom ears. Those not familiar with mom ears let me explain. It's a new level of hearing where you can hear every single thing your child does 24 hours a day, you know… in case they need you.

Fast forward to 48 hours later and it was a repeat of that fun night, but this time it was Emmy and well, she's five so making it to the bathroom in time isn't in the cards. She hates throwing up so there was emotional distress too. I didn't sleep more than 20 minutes at a time for almost a week. 

I really thought it had passed over the rest of us after a week, until I looked over at Pete and noticed he looked a little green. I wanted to cry… but instead I mentioned that he didn't look so well and let's just say it was not a fun couple days for him. It takes a lot to keep him down and in this case on the couch far, far, far away from the rest of us… but this virus did just that. 

I kept my chin held high and kept going. I kept saying things like “you can do it” and “nothing lasts forever” and I worked around the clock because this is my busiest time writing and I took care of the 2 still not feeling 100% kids and poor Pete.

Things started to look up a few days after that. So much that I forgot that there was even a sickness in our home, until yesterday when it hit me and Maddie within minutes of each other. Whoa!

The Mom Guide To Surviving A Cold

So that leads me to a quick little “Mom Guide” To Surviving A Cold.

If you are a mom and you get a cold here is what to do.

  1. Accept and keep going. Seriously you should rest as much as possible, but I'm not going to lie… you are not going to get much actual rest. Just do your best. Put off as much stuff as you can till you feel better. Don't over do it or you will be feeling sick even longer.
  2. Beg your kids to go easy on you. They probably won't, but it's worth a try right? See the thing is that they see you as invincible and all knowing, so good luck actually getting a break… but who knows, stranger things have happened. If your kids are older they can totally help out a bit more to take some of the load off of you so ask. I bet they really would love to help!
  3. Remember your Vitamin C. I'm not joking when I tell you that the second my throat starts to feel a little scratch I take vitamin c. I learned this from my dad when I was younger and now I swear by it. cvs pharmacy

So to recap, if you are a mom and you get a cold you still have to go on. We don't get a break ever, but that's okay because we get the best gift ever… we get to be a mom and we get all the “I love you mom's” in the world, so it's a fair trade. Just try to take care of yourself and feel better soon. 

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 What are your tips to surviving the mom cold?

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  1. You have a great family here. Anyway, thank you for this guide you’ve shared. This will definitely help a lot of Mom out there to avoid cold and enjoy the time they have with their kids. I agree with you that mother’s can’t be sick and even they’re sick, they still make sure to do their many responsibilities for their family. I can’t help but salute you and all moms for doing such a noble job for their family.

  2. You’re right that moms are not allowed to get sick haha. I have been battling cold as well for little over a week now and I have to say thanks to Vitamin C. They really helped

  3. OH mam, I doknow the feeling of looking over and seeing the last man standing turn green too. Hurrah for any and all tips that help prevent colds!

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