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The Las Vegas Monorail- traveling with kids! {save time, money and have fun}

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Welcome to part 3 of my series on family travel is Las Vegas!
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Transportation around Las Vegas is very important. There are lots to see and do, and although the hotels all look to be very close to each other… they are not. We love to walk around and explore when we are on vacation, but with the heat above 100 we reserved our energy for exploring at the different places we went and left the “getting there” to the pros… in this case the Las Vegas Monorail.

The Monorail is extremely easy to navigate. There are signs everywhere and announcements as you approach each stop that tells you where you should get off.

The trains come often and run until late in the evening so the wait between trains is minimal.

I love how the kids think it’s a ride too! If you are traveling with a stroller, like we were, it was a life saver not having to wake up my two-year-old to get her onto the train once she fell asleep. You just roll the stroller on and you are set! There are taxi’s and buses that you can take to get around Vegas, but you can’t take a toddler in a taxi {or at least shouldn’t} without a car seat.

The actual travel compartments are spacious and CLEAN! Kids touch everything, and I love that The Monorail Trains were free of trash and other “stuff”.

I love how everything is labeled.  You will want to pay attention to the signs that tell you which way each train is going. The different ones go North and South.

Fun looking, right?

Yep, the girls all had a great time riding the Las Vegas Monorail. You can buy tickets for a single trip at $5, a day pass at $12, or a 3 day pass for only $28. It’s a bargain compared to the costs of other transportation. We do also drive our own car since we drove out to Vegas…. so if you have a car with you that’s an option too. If you fly in, this is your best bet and the most cost effective! Plus, there is no tipping needed! Find vacation travel Deals in Las Vegas!

If you are driving around Vegas in your own car here are some tips:

  • Taxi and native drivers have a bit of an aggressive way of driving. Be careful and look for cars coming from everywhere. This is also important to remember when you are walking around on the streets of Las Vegas Blvd. Don’t park your stroller right on the edge of the road waiting for the light to change. There is too much of a chance that someone might jump the curb!
  • You can valet or do self-park. I’ve found that self-park at most hotels isn’t that much of a walk, and is worth the savings.
  • Remember the back roads and use your GPS if you have it. We love to take the roads behind the hotels and skip the traffic on the strip.
  • Drive to the top of the parking structures, and then look for the spot closest to the elevator. Everyone else tries for the lower level spots so it saves time to just go for the top!
Thank you to the Las Vegas Monorail for providing us passes to facilitate this post. All ideas, tips and opinions are my own.
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