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The Grand Moon Palace Cancun Full Resort Review and Room Tour

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There is just something about arriving at a resort and being welcomed with cold towels, refreshing drinks, and a beautiful lobby to enjoy.

These things really were the beginning of an amazing friends vacation with our hosted stay at The Grand at Moon Palace, Cancun.

Our first impressions of The Grand were spot on. The whole resort was beautiful and even better than we imagined it would be.

Here is our full resort review of The Grand at Moon Palace, Cancun.

Let's start with the pools and water park. Of course, when you stay at The Grand, you also have access to the other resorts within Moon Palace, but I will be mostly focusing on The Grand. I've added a couple of spots that I love outside The Grand and I will note those. If you are looking for our reviews of Nizuc, where we stayed last time, you can see them all here.

The Grand has a water park with a lazy river and huge slides!

We went there every single day that we were there and it was one of our favorite spots. There are also rooms with direct swim-up pool access. 

Our go-to pool this stay was the one right off the beach in The Grand. It checked off all the boxes for us with the pretty view and the swim up bar.

This pool isn't in The Grand section, but it was a favorite of ours both time we were there so don't forget that when you stay at The Grand, you have access to it too!

I know when going to Mexico, you are thinking beach time right? I know we do.

The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun has a gorgeous beach, but do note it is not swimmable. The water is pretty strong here so going out in their boats is okay, but you wouldn't want to actually swim in the water. For us, this didn't matter at all because of all the pools and other water activities. We still did hang out at the beach a bit and loved the beverage service there!

There is fun for the whole family with things to do to stay busy, or just to relax the day away.

Maybe pool and beach time isn't your thing? You will still find plenty to do. Here are some of the other things we did.

  1. Bike riding. When Ash, Maddie and I went to lunch one day, Pete and Emmy borrowed (included in your stay) bikes and rode them throughout the resorts. They stopped for a snack and a drink a few times too.
  2. The Spa. This isn't included but we always go to the spa on our trips. This is a great way to relax and I love seeing the different treatments offered in different places.
  3. Wired and Play Room. Think of huge arcades with everything included so you don't need any coins. Wired also has video games and computers with internet access. Play Room has bumper cars, a challenge course, and more games. The kids and teens all loved this area! Play Room is inside the water park, so don't miss it!
  4. Kid's Club. Emmy loved the kids club last time she was here. It was one of her favorite ones from all of our travels, but this time she never even made it over. When we were leaving she started to get upset when she realized she hadn't gone yet. There was just way too much to do this time… but we know next time we will make it a priority for her to go again. It is included and a lot of fun.

I don't want to forget to mention that the resort seemed very accessible to us. My mother-in-law recently had a knee replacement and she is doing great, but I would love for them to visit here so I keep an eye open to how mobile friendly it was for those in wheelchairs or those that need assistance getting around in general. From golf carts to take you wherever you need to go, to elevators and more. It would be great for a multi-generational vacation too. Our friends that vacationed with us often would meet us at different parts of the resorts and they loved the extra help getting there. We would walk and they would take a golf cart and it was perfect for both styles of vacationers. 

Here is a look at the fun we had in the Play Room:

Family suites

Accommodations are VERY important to us. Even if we plan to spend just a little bit of time in our room, we want them to still be awesome suites. The Grand has a family suite option that has a king room that connects to a double queen room. This is perfect for us because it offers privacy and space for all of us, but we are still there together.  I know some families of 5 are totally okay sharing a room if it is available, but we are not that family. We have 4 girls and one boy so we need at least 2 bathrooms to be able to get ready and be out of the room in a timely manner. I've heard that it isn't as hard with boys, but with makeup, showers and all that fun stuff, sharing one bathroom just doesn't work for us. At the same time, I don't like being split up from the kids. The teens are totally mature enough and travel savvy enough to be apart from us, but it takes away from my enjoyment of the trip having to worry about them. This set up is just awesome and the rooms are truly wonderful.

I am in love with this oversized balconies. Pete and I still had work to do while we were there and this is where we got it done. Also, each night we would leave our door hanger out for breakfast to be delivered and we would enjoy it here. 

The two rooms were almost exactly alike except for the beds and a couple of little touches.

In the kid's room, the alcohol (included) was locked off and their mini-fridge had kid-friendly soda, juices, milk, etc in them while ours had beer and such. They also had added kid toiletries that we didn't and they had some fun water toys waiting for them when we checked in as a surprise. 

The kids loved having soda right there waiting for them, and I've been asked a bunch of times if they went crazy having everything like that available and the answer is a total no. Same with having alcohol available for the adults. I'm sure it has happened before that an adult enjoyed the included beverages a bit too much, but this is not a spring break situation…quite the opposite really. I think knowing that you have good quality alcohol and unlimited drinks available makes everyone more relaxed and less likely to go overboard. This is even true with the food. It is all high quality so you don't feel like you need to overeat or that they will run out.

Refreshments, restaurants and quick bites:

How gorgeous is the lobby bar? I loved seeing this as soon as we arrived. It set the tone for how beautifully appointed the resort was.

As far as food goes, this is definitely at the higher end of all-inclusive resorts.

Nothing was mass produced quality, not even at the buffets. We really liked how luxurious the buffet in The Grand felt. It was large and had so many options. A little secret though is that our favorite buffet was actually in Nizuc for lunch and dinner, but for breakfast on the last day, we ate at the Beach Club, at least I think that is what it was called. This is in The Grand right by the pool and the ocean and also has a breakfast buffet that we wish we had been eating at the whole time. It was a little more intimate and closer to the ocean, both of which we really liked.

One other thing I wish we had done was to pick where we were going to eat, at least for dinner beforehand. There are so many restaurants and we didn't make it to even 25% of them. I wish I had really looked at all the options and made a list of the ones we wanted to eat at and worked our way through them. I don't regret any of our meals, but maybe it would have been even more fun to try even more of the restaurants. Also, we *might* have had dinner at a restaurant on the early side and then stopped into the buffet later in the night for a snack and dessert. 

One thing we for sure did was to have coffee multiple times during the day and a treat from the coffee shops. There is one in each of the main lobbies and they are all very similar in what they serve. If you are a coffee person like me, you will be very happy to know that they serve good coffee. None of that watered-down stuff with no flavor that is sometimes served at all-inclusive resorts or cruises. For the teens, this was something they really appreciated too. They often stopped there for drinks and as a place to hang out.

Dietary concerns were not only taken seriously, but the staff was well versed in them.

For those of us that follow a vegan diet, we were thrilled to see actual culinary delights on the menu that were noted as being vegan. We didn't have to wonder or eat the same spaghetti with tomato sauce and mushy vegetables. Nope, we had one of the best risottos of our lives, vegan pizza, a flavorful pasta dish and more! I couldn't believe everything they had available for us to enjoy!

This really was a wonderful vacation and I'm so glad we were able to enjoy The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun with our friends, Emmy and Ellie's Family. The resort had everything we could imagine an awesome vacation would have and it was the perfect meeting spot for two families that were flying to meet from opposite sides of the country. 

One last thing, even the restrooms are gorgeous!

If you have any questions please hop over to Instagram and ask away!

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