The Giving Basket

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It is fall time and almost Thanksgiving! I am so excited for a full day of family fun and to each a bunch of good food on the big day! I’m also excited to be partnered with CVS to share all about our Thanksgiving “Giving Basket”.


I am so excited for Thanksgiving next week. I love any reason to celebrate family and this is one of my favorites. We all sit around enjoying each other’s company and some really great food! It doesn’t get any better than that! 

In our family, we take Thanksgiving even farther that that. We like to surprise the extra special people in our lives with a little gift to let them know we are thinking of them and how much we appreciate having them in our life!  

This can be one of the girls’ teachers, a neighbor, or another person that has had an impact in our life over the past year. This year we are going to give a close family friend a surprise gift and we are calling it The Giving Basket. It is jam packed with delicious treats from our sponsor CVS.


We are calling it The Giving Basket because we hope to make giving a basket full of goodies a  tradition with either using the same basket each year, or a new one.  The girls are already thinking of who is going to be the recipient next year. Emmy has a whole list of nominations!


We filled the basket with flavors of the season from CVS’s Gold Emblem abound line, exclusively available at CVS Pharmacy.  It provides a bunch of great-tasting and healthier snacking alternatives, like these blueberry pie flavored snack mix! These were the first things that jumped out at us when we were at CVS buying everything for our basket. We ended up going to CVS right after I picked Em up from school, and we had all the shopping done in less than 10 minutes. That included us exploring some of the new items they keep adding!


I though the maple pecan granola was another great flavor of the season and addition to our basket as were these below. Doesn’t cashew caramel crunch and sea salt caramel flavored cashews sound delicious?!


You can make your own giving basket with a quick stop at CVS like we did, or to grab some snacks on the go when you are traveling this holiday season! Either way, don’t forget to check your receipt for ExtraBucks® Rewards. 

If you are new to the CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare program, it helps you save and earn rewards on nearly everything you buy – from household goods to beauty products, to gifts for family and friends. Each time you shop, you just scan your card or enter your phone number and you get:

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How are you spending Thanksgiving?

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  • I love your idea of a giving basket!! What a great way to teach the kiddos about giving and healthier snacking options! We are going to have to give this a try 🙂

  • I love the idea of putting together a giving basket for family or friends. This will definitely make them feel special. I think it’s great that CVS has all these healthy snacks!

  • This is such a great idea! I’m always looking for simple ways to make gift baskets for family/friends. I’ll have to head over to CVS to get some healthy snack.

  • I’m at CVS so often they notice when I don’t pop in. This year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family and I can’t wait. It’s my absolute favorite holiday.

  • This is such a thoughtful gift! Such a nice thing I may implement in my family. I love giving things to others and this is such a neat idea.

  • We love shopping at CVS. I am going to make one of these for the hostess of our get together.

  • That granola looks yummy! I really like this idea. I think this would be something cool for me to do with my kids since they like to help others and give gifts at the same time.

  • This is such a fantastic idea and I love how the family gets involved. This is a good idea for teaching children the gift of giving and being thankful at the holiday time. CVS also does have some wonderful treats!

  • This is such a thoughtful gift and it’s definitely perfect for loved ones. I wouldn’t mind putting together something like this to make the people who are special to me feel loved.

  • I love the idea of The Giving Basket. It is a thoughtful and sweet gesture that promotes kindness & gratitude – perfect for this season. We could sure use a CVS program here or something similar. Most organizations here in my country don’t do much of these coupon- savings- programs. I mean, they do rewards & loyalty programs, but they’re almost always confusing and never attainable.

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