The Gift Your Hard To Shop For Dad, Brother and Husband Will Love (and use)

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I’m finishing up our Christmas shopping and I’m down to those hard to buy for people on my list, like Pete, my dad, and my brother-in-law. I always end up buying them their gifts last it seems because I have to really think about what would make the perfect gift for them. They are all active and on the go, and the gift I give them has to fit into their busy lifestyles. I even take it a step further, and I look for gifts they will not only love but will use often so it has to be high quality! 


It seems like they all are doing some sort of home improvement projects, or just regular upkeep on their homes along with everyday things that require a tool to complete, so I knew instantly that I found the gift for 2016 for the guys in my life when I discovered Tread by Leatherman. 

Tread is an “Anytime, Anywhere” tool unlike any I’ve seen before. It can go everywhere and is useful in so many situations because you wear it as a bracelet so you always have it when you need it. This is how it works- The Leatherman engineers designed multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel bracelet link, making usable tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and box wrenches available at a moment’s notice. It is also adjustable to accommodate any wrist size and fully customized with the links you need most.  The Leatherman TREAD is a stylish as it is functional.


Pete and I explored the Tread by Leatherman wearable multi-tool in Stainless Steel and Black. I Asked Pete if he had a favorite color and he said he didn’t because both colors go with pretty much everything he wears.


Pete has been wearing his Tread for a few days now and he has used it on multiple occasions. From tightening a cover to opening up a drink. 


Neither of us even realized how often we need to stop and search for a tool to get something done. This will help a lot of projects get done the right away instead of being added to a “to-do” list.


I can’t wait until Christmas morning to see how excited my Dad and Brother-in-law are when I give them a Thread.


Learn more about TREAD by Leatherman.

Are you still shopping for gifts?

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