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parrot minidrone review

Gift shopping for teens and tweens takes a lot more effort than shopping for everyone else.

Of course you can go the cash and gift card route… but that takes away the fun from seeing them enjoy their gift. I love to give them things they can actually enjoy right then and there. I knew that they would love a new drone, but I didn’t get them one because all of the ones I’ve seen were not able to do all the cool things Parrot MiniDrones can do!

These highly playful drone toys come equipped with new capabilities, and are ready for action on the ground, in the air and on the water!

parrot minidrones  

Parrot MiniDrones are changing what you imagine a drone to be and do.

Parrot creates, develops and markets advanced technology wireless products for consumers and professionals. With their 13 ultra technological connected robots available on the Parrot MiniDrones team, there is something for everyone!

  • Jumping ‘Night’: Diesel, Buzz and Marshall
  • Jumping ‘Race’: Max, Tuk-Tuk and Jett
  • Airborne ‘Night’: Blaze, Swat and Maclane
  • Airborne ‘Cargo’: Travis and Mars
  • Hydrofoils: Orak and Newz

Parrot has jump-started us into an era of connected toys with the second generation of Parrot MiniDrones. Parrot’s advanced, miniaturized robots are piloted with a smartphone or a tablet via the free piloting app, FreeFlight 3. Regrouped in three clans, they are ready to take on all your challenges! parrot drone night

We bought the Airborne ‘Night’ McClane for the girls to try out. 

As the resident tech guy here on It’s a Lovely Life! and in our home, Pete was more than happy to help us test it out. After using it for less than 10 minutes he gave it two thumbs up. He said it’s easy to set up, use and fly. To get it going in the air you just hit the take off button on the app and it goes in the air and just starts hovering! Plus it’s really fun. Ashley and Maddie took over from there and spent the afternoon trying it out. After another quick charge (the battery seems to last a lot longer than other drones we’ve had) it was Emmy’s turn. She didn’t want to give it back! 

It’s also really easy to land, by just pressing the landing button on the app! family fun

We loved the camera on it too! The girls (and Pete) are having so much fun taking different pictures.  Airborne_Night_2015-11-17T134313+0000_ It’s been really windy out and we love that our new drone has bumpers on the side to protect it as we learn to fly it better. The LED lights on it for night flying are really awesome too and we thought it was great that it connects to your phone with Bluetooth®! family friendly drone

The girls even created some games with the drone!

They created a flying course where they each had to complete a flight through trees and take a certain picture. Whoever could do it the fastest without having to start over won. PS: Pete was the winner! parrot drone review Parrot drone are the perfect gift for Christmas or the holidays for any tech lover on your list, but especially teens, tween, dads and grandpas!  You can purchase them all online on the official Parrot site and also by clicking here to see where to buy.

Which one of the Parrot MiniDrones do you want the most?

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