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Pete normally waits for me to get home before opening boxes. We sit down and go through the mail and divide it up with work projects going in one pile and personal in another. On the day that the GHOSTDRONE 2.0 was delivered, I walked into the house, saw an empty box on the counter, all the other mail still on the counter, and Pete nowhere to be found. Even more perplexing to me was when I learned that Pete had actually driven to FedEx to pick up the package the GHOSTDRONE 2.0 was in. We have all of our days planned down to the minute so that must have taken a lot of planning to fit in. That is how excited he was to try out this drone!

Turns out that Pete dropped everything else he was working on and started playing with the GHOSTDRONE 2.0. 

We had been thinking of getting a drone for quite awhile but Pete just didn’t have time to learn how to use one. We had heard that the good quality ones take a lot of time to figure out so we decided to wait until there was more time to devote to learning. The funny thing is that we were totally wrong. There is a drone that takes amazing images and is so easy anyone can fly it – from young kids to grandparents!  Ehang does suggest that kids under 14 years old be accompanied by an adult when flying and I would agree with that age after flying it myself.

Even though Pete couldn’t wait for me to get home to start using the GHOSTDRONE 2.0, he did make a video. Here are his initial thoughts and his first flight!


When I got home he showed me all about it.


Starting with the fact that Ehang’s new GHOSTDRONE is the only drone on the market that is piloted using a smartphone app that allows you to pilot the drone and capture video all with the tap of the phone’s volume buttons.


And then Pete showed me the VR goggles! These are so cool and unique!

Many of the features of the GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR are proprietary to Ehang, including the VR goggles, signature Tilt Control, and integrated 4K spherical camera, which provides professional-quality aerial photography without any blurriness or shaking.

Back to the VR goggles. They are the only VR platform to give you a real time “in flight view.” As soon as I put them on and looked through them I was looking through the camera on the drone live. It was a really strange feeling until I got used to it. You really feel like you are flying high above! As I turned my head the camera followed too! It was surreal! The proprietary VR goggles create an immersive flight experience like never before, allowing users to “see” out of the eyes of their drone with zero-latency. It was all as it was happening! The goggles’ innovative head-tracking feature, lets users intuitively control the camera angle of their drone simply by moving their head, which is exactly what I experienced. It was really fun and made the whole experience that much better! 


I was starting to understand why Pete wanted to fly this as soon as we got it. It is so much more than a typical drone! Plus flying the drone has never been easier because Ehang’s new GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial and GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR are ready to fly right out of the box – no confusing instructions or complicated transmitter, just download the Ehang Play App and your smartphone and you’re ready to take flight.



My only concern was Pete breaking it right away. I was still in denial that it was going to be as easy to fly as it was. I had images of him crash landing it and damaging it on the first flight, but Ehang takes that fear away since they are the only drone company to offer a 12-month no questions asked warranty. You break it, they replace it up to three times during a one-year period.


You have to see the camera on it! The new, gimbal-stabilized 4K cameras allow every pilot to easily shoot professional-quality aerial photography and filming without any blurriness or shaking and recording is as easy as a tap of a button in Ehang’s mobile app. 

When you are done flying, another push of the button tells the drone to land in the exact same spot. It is able to do this because it syncs with satellites so it always knows where it is. 

Here is more video of Pete flying the drone:

The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 is a great holiday gift for the family because it captures memories as they are being made. We all have been having a great time using it and we can’t wait to take it with us on our next travel adventure!

Here is more drone fun:

Edited to add another video Pete made with the Ghostdrone:

Learn more on the  Ghostdrone website. The GHOSTDRONE 2.0 can be purchased on AmazonBest Buy, and on the Ehang website 

Who on your list would love the GHOSTDRONE 2.0?

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