The Father’s Day Gift He Will Love

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fathers day gift he will love

I remember the first Father’s Day gift I ever got Pete. It was a pen. That is now a long standing joke stemming from his first birthday gift from me, also a pen. Back then, I was on bedrest while pregnant with Maddie, so I was stuck buying him whatever I could from my couch. The internet was still very new with very limited choices. This pen was something that could write upside down (don’t laugh), and for some reason that was pretty much the only thing I could find on the world wide web that I thought he would like. When I gave it to him I could tell that it wasn’t something that he loved, but he played along with a happy face.

I vowed to do better for future Father’s Days.

easy fathers day gift

This year I hit the ball out of the park with his gift!

As the years have passed and the girls have grown older, and are now closer to college than preschool, our priorities have shifted. We are all about creating memories these days, and about documenting them for the future. When I was thinking about what gift Pete would love the most, I started thinking about how much he loves looking through photos, and reminiscing on all the great memories we have made as a family. I wanted a way to capture those moments, and give him a way to look back on them for years (decades) to come. That’s when I decided a customized photo book would make the perfect gift, and I was right!

fathers day gift

The girls and I were so excited to give it to him, that we brought it with us on our trip to Florida, and surprised him with it early! We picked a shady spot by the water, Emmy made him close his eyes, and then she handed it to him! He loved it and was grinning from ear to ear.

photo books

We all looked through the book page by page and reminisced on all of the memory making moments we shared as a family over the past year.

fun fathers day gift

Then Pete turned to me, knowing that I am not the craftiest person, and asked how I made this book. I shared with him that I used Shutterfly to make it. Shutterfly has the easiest way to make photo books. It is perfect for those that are creative and love to create their own masterpiece, and those who are not. You can customize the book exactly the way you want with backgrounds, layouts, and embellishments. Or, you can take a simpler approach, and let Shutterfly arrange your pictures for you. So whether you’re a hands-on user, or short on time, Shutterfly has you covered…. and offers something for everyone to create a gift for dad he will love!

I thought for sure that I would just get my book made quickly, and be on my way. But, I ended up picking out different backgrounds and matching them to our pictures for some pages and using Shutterfly’s pre-made templates for other pages. It was really fun to make, and apparently I had creativity in me I didn’t even know existed!


Don’t forget to show Dad how much you appreciate and love him with a photo book—the best gift ever—a keepsake for him to cherish and relive all those special moments. Shutterfly has a bunch of different photo book designs to help make Father’s Day photo books for Dads, Step-Dads, Grandfathers and more!

How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

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  • This is such a great gift! We gave my husband a Photo Book for Father’s Day 7 or 8 years ago and it’s still one of his most treasure possessions. I should make another one now that we have more kids!

  • This is such a great gift idea. My son picks out a gift dad and I make dinner or we go out to eat. I need to look into Shutterfly.

  • I am stumped as to what to get my husband. This is a great gift from the heart.

    • This sounds like a great way to make gifts. I will have to start using Shutterfly.

  • I love the photo book and know the wonderful men in my life would too. It is a great way to better understand the profound impact a good dad has on his family.

  • That is a great idea for a gift. I hate that we leave so many pictures on our phones. A photo book makes it so much prettier.

  • A photo book is a fantastic idea for a gift. I will have to have one made up for my Dad.

  • This is such an awesome gift! I love photo books because they are able to be cherished for a long time to come.

  • I LOVE Shutterfly and have used them for years. Always great quality and fast shipping, plus it’s such a great memento!

  • Father’s Day is such a great moment to cherish to express the love you have for your dad & this is such a wonderful gift idea of having a customize photo book from Shutterfly to keep those great memories all alive.

  • Love this! I’ve always wanted to do a customize photo book but never got around to it. I think I will this year and look into Shutterfly.

  • What a wonderful gift and keepsake. I think you should still give him a pen, but maybe let the girls sign it for him.

  • I’ve been struggling with ideas for Father’s Day and I think my husband would love something like this. I’m going to hop onto Shutterfly tonight to see if I can’t do something like this too.

  • Wow, what a wonderful idea. I will give something like this for my dad and my dad-in-law.

  • Thanks for this, I would love to make one for my hubby. I think he will going to love it.

  • For Father’s Day, my husband and I usually meet up with his son and our daughter at a restaurant to celebrate since the kids are both grown and out of the house. A Shutterfly photo book would make a great gift. I can fill it with pics of him and the kids throughout the years.

  • Any father would certainly love to receive such gift. That is just the sweetest gift ever. Excited for the hubs on Father’s Day. Love surprising him. 🙂

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