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The Easiest Way To Welcome Fall Into Your Home

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This is a first for us. We decorated for fall in August. Ever since Pete and I met we have always said that fall is our favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect and the colors of the trees and sunset are stunning. Since we are going to be traveling a lot during the coming months we decided to decorate now so that when we are home we can really enjoy it. “The easiest way to welcome fall into your home” is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yankee Candle. All opinions are 100% mine.

yankee candle fall scents

There are two ways to welcome fall into your home. One is through visual decorations and the other is through scent. For me, I like to do both. That way it's even more of an experience. I start with the scent of fall because it instantly puts me into a good mood and then I add in the decorations throughout my home. For the scent this year I was really excited to try one of Yankee Candle's new fall fragrances Sugar & Spice! 

It's described as…

“A mouthwatering swirl of cinnamon, buttery vanilla, and sugar crystals all baking together—guaranteed to fill your home with smiles.”

And it totally does. It's that spice that screams fall with a sweet note that makes you want to sit outside during those early fall evenings with a fire going in the fire pit, a warm sweater on, and something sweet in your hand… like a cookie or hot apple cider.

yankee candle sugar & spice

Creating a beautiful tablescape is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the new season, and welcome fall into your home.

I used Yankee Candle's Sugar & Spice as my inspiration for this tablescape, and I kept with the natural colors of fall. Burlap is always appropriate for fall so I started with a piece I use every year and I added a natural cornucopia and a tall pumpkin patch statue.  Each year I use our classic, traditional pieces and then I mix in new items, like candles. We love the nostalgia of the older pieces and the fun that comes with new, modern accents.

Yankee Candle’s 2015 fall fragrances were inspired by autumn in the park and capturing the sights and sounds of a glorious fall day. It’s all about enjoying the warm sunshine, the crisp air, and the magnificent colors, scents, and flavors of the season. They embrace both the sophisticated beauty of the outdoors and the comforting sensation of returning to the cozy indoors.

autumn yankee candle scents

The new scents are available now! And are priced at $27.99 MSRP – Large Tumbler or Jar Candle; $24.99 MSRP – Medium Jar Candle; $15.99 MSRP – Small Tumbler Candle; $10.99 MSRP – Small Jar Candle; $1.99 MSRP – Tarts® Wax Melt or Samplers® Votive Candle.

You can purchase them at a Yankee Candle Store or online.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. I love Yankee Candles. Their factory is only about 90 minutes from me and they give a really cool tour.

  2. I bet this smells so good. I can’t do the scented candles with my allergies, but my mom and sister love them.

  3. I love a good smelling candle but especially in the fall. There are so many great smells to get you in the mood and spirit of the fall season.

  4. I love fall. I love how the trees turn into golden browns and yellows. I love the nippy weather and warm cozy feeling of lighting up Yankee candles around the house! I must try that sugar and spice variant too.

  5. We love to burn candles here. Currently we have a mocha one going but the Yankee Candle’s Sugar & Spice sounds like a good one too.

  6. Fall is definitely the best part of a year which we do love so much. And I agree, visual decorations and scent plays a major role in welcoming the fall. These Yankee candles looks absolutely colorful & beautiful adding a special look & feel to the tablescape.

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