The Christmas Basket

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I am so into baskets right now. They can hold such joy and they are so fun to open for the recipient. I’m also excited to be partnered with CVS to share all about our Christmas Basket full of love and treats!


I love to make these for those special people in my life that already have everything they need and want, or when I am putting together a gift last minute. This works great for pretty much everyone on my list! 

I buy the biggest basket I can find that is still easy to carry, and then I pack it full of fun snacks. To add some extra festiveness to it, I also include some decorations and a couple ornaments. You can go as fancy as you like! Emmy has also been known to help me put these together and include her own homemade and personalized ornaments!  


For this basket, Emmy and I headed into our neighborhood CVS, and we strolled through the aisles looking for items that would spread holiday cheer! I think we did a great job!

Some of our favorite items are the limited edition coffee single serve cups… peppermint mocha and non-coffee spiced apple cider are two you have to try! The chocolate covered almonds are also such a hit in our home. I bring these everywhere and serve them whenever we have guests!


Once we have the basket all put together, we all load into the car and deliver it in person as a surprise. Sometimes we just leave it on their porch and other times we call ahead so they know we are coming. This is also a great option for Christmas Eve hostess gifts. The host can enjoy it on Christmas or share it with everyone on Christmas Eve. I also love that it is very kid friendly so that the kids can help shop for it and enjoy the wonderful feeling of giving gifts to others!

When we were in CVS, we also discovered that they have a lot of other things that we use during the holidays and especially when we are doing our Christmas baking. These are the things I normally run out of and have to ask Pete to make an emergency trip to the store for. I’m so happy to see that they are available at CVS. That will save us a lot of time!

If you use coconut oil all day long like we do, you will love the Gold Emblem Abound one. 


I’ve already gone through two bottles of the Gold Emblem pure vanilla extract!


You can make your own Christmas basket with a quick stop at CVS like we did, or to grab some snacks on the go when you are traveling this holiday season! Either way, don’t forget to check your receipt for ExtraBucks® Rewards. 

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What do you like to include in gift baskets?

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  • This is a fantastic gift basket. I always have so much fun shopping for personalized items to put in my gift baskets. Second hand stores are great for finding baskets.

  • This sounds like a fantastic Christmas basket. I’ve made some over the years that I would have loved to have received- a movie night basket with a DVD, popcorn and movie snacks was probably my favorite.

  • What a fabulous gift basket. Anyone who receives a gift basket like that that is full of awesome goodies would surely be delighted.

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