The Best Vegetarian Sushi

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I think many people think that if you are a vegetarian you can’t eat sushi. The truth is that you most definitely can eat sushi and this is THE BEST vegetarian sushi ever created! I remember the first time I had it back in high school. I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends at the local sushi restaurant. Not wanting to sit there an eat nothing, I created this concoction. I had no idea how it would taste… I hit the jackpot! It was so good!

So what’s in my favorite veggie sushi? Glad you asked! It’s really easy… sushi rice, Nori, cream cheese, avocado and cucumber for some crunch. I make it at home and I order whenever we go out for sushi too!

A couple years ago my oldest daughter and I took a sushi making class. I made my this sushi and the teacher recommended that I add some crushed potato chips. It took it to another level, but I rarely have potato chips around so that’s a rare treat. It still tastes wonderful even without them but if you have them laying around try sprinkling some crushed ones on top!

What’s your favorite sushi?

Heather Reese
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