The Best Of Disneyland Dining! Vegetarian Edition!

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We can’t get enough of Disneyland rides… but we also love the food! We definitely make some splurges when we are having fun at Disneyland but we also try to remember that healthy eating leads to healthy bodies. So although I’m going to talk about our favorite Disney Food splurges, please note that Disney offers lots of healthier choices and we eat those too


Ice Cream! There are lots of stands around the parks selling these ice creams. They are creamy and delicious and priced right!


This is cheese on a stick from inside California Adventure. It was really tasty! They have regular meat ones too that I’ve heard are just as good!


This is one of my favorites. Vegetarian Gumbo! There is lots of talk on the internet that it is even Vegan? Regardless, it’s the perfect bit of spicy and extremely hardy! I tend to go for this one when it’s cold out and it really warms me up. The best part is after you eat most of the soup and you are left with the bowl to eat. Oh my… it’s so good! This might be the best gumbo I’ve ever had. 


Out in California Adventure, in the wharf area, you will find a quick service restaurant called the Lucky Dragon Cookery. They serve all types of rice bowls. I got the tofu one over rice and veggies with the sauce on the side. It was really good, especially with just the right amount of sauce added.


Right across the way is some pretty tasty Mexican Food. This was a bean and cheese burrito with all the fixings, including rice and beans. It’s easily enough for two people to share and the food is prepared really quickly!


And then there was a caramel apple that made this girl smile. The apple was fresh and juicy and the caramel was soft and sweet. Perfecto!


Cupcakes! You have to try the cupcakes in any of the bakeries situated throughout the parks. Every time we visit there are new cupcakes to try. They are all themed and they are all delicious. Add them to your food bucket list for sure!


I Scream, You Scream… you know how this goes right? ICE CREAM! This is Pete’s favorite treat at Disneyland. There are ice cream parlors in both Disneyland and California Adventure. It’s real ice cream. Creamy and sweet, the good stuff!


We just found this on our last visit. Sweet popcorn that looks like a party in a bag. When we are heading home we all pick out a fun snack for the drive home. This was one of them. Other options are cookies and fudge. I’ve been eating the fudge since I was a wee little one. It’s so rich and a little fill me up till next time!


The little one is always hungry, but she likes food that is not messy and easy to eat. It’s kinda a preschooler thing since the older girls went through it too… she loves the Mickey Mouse soft pretzels. I love them too… especially with mustard on them.


I can’t not mention the Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shop in California Adventure. This was a banana sundae and if you look in the back of the picture you will see Pete’s Peanut Butter Sundae. Both are decadent! The chocolate is amazing. If you stop in you will get a sample of their featured chocolate squares and then you must order a sundae. Trust me. It’s lovely!


We never visit Disneyland without going to Goofy’s Kitchen. We love it there. So many of our kids birthdays have been celebrated here and they always make a special occasion even more special. It’s a buffet sit down restaurant located inside the Disneyland Hotel. Reservations fill up quickly and they have limited dinner hours so be sure to call a couple of weeks ahead of time. The girls all love the peanut butter and jelly pizza…


 I love the desserts! These are real deserts, bite-sized artisan creations. There is food for adults and children on two separate buffet bars. The kid’s bar normally has pizzas, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, hot dogs and more. The adult bar has a full salad bar, freshly prepared meats, mashed potatoes, rice, bread and lots more. And then there is the dessert bar. I don’t think I even need to say more. This picture speaks volumes, don’t you think?


Let’s not forget the little ones favorite treat… lollypops!


Hope you enjoy some of our favorite Disney foods on your next trip there.

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