The 2017 Crossfit Open is Here!!

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The 2017 Crossfit Open 17.1 is finally here! If you are regular viewers of the vlog, you will know that Ashley and I love Crossfit. The Crossfit Open is sort of like Christmas for Crossfitters. You train all year so you can see where you are at when the open season comes around. Follow along as Pete and Ashley complete the first open workout for 2017 which is called 17.1.  

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Have you ever tried Crossfit?

Pete Reese
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  • I have to say for being such a workout freak, I have never tried Crossfit. I would love to check it out some time soon!

  • I tried Cross Fit once. I then moved on to something else. I just don’t have the stamina for that type of workout. I have MAJOR respect for those who do. Box jumps alone are crazy hard, in my opinion.

  • I’ve never tried Cross Fit – I’m not ready for it yet, I don’t think. It may be something to work toward, as I’ve just been walking and working on building my stamina. I’ve lost 50 lbs in the process, so it’s a start 🙂

  • I have never tried Crossfit before. MY Son is really into it this year. I hope they have a blast at the Crossfit Open.

  • There is a CrossFit gym near my the high school and I always see groups on people there training. I really wish that it is something that I can do. However, after having back surgery, I am careful what I put my body through. Plus, I have other health issues too.

  • I’ve always wanted to try Crossfit. I think this would be great for me. I need to check to see if there are any gyms open for Crossfit for me.

  • Crossfit makes me so nervous, I think I might have to lose weight before I even begin, LOL. But I’d love to do it some day!

  • I think it’s great to challenge yourselves like this. I’d love to do something like this as soon as I can get my shoulder fixed, Running is even difficult right now. One day I’ll be back into fitness. Keep it up!

  • I’ve never tried Crossfit, but watching your video makes me want to give it a try. The question is, will I have the stamina to do it? LOL.

  • I’m intrigued to try this out… I love exercising, feels so good to be strong and it’s a great stress reliever. Thanks for showing this : )

  • Cross fit looks like a really intense workout. I don’t think I’d be able to do it. But it was fun watching!

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