Teletubbies Are Back!

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A long, long, long time ago, almost 15 years ago, Maddie was in love with Teletubbies!


From the minute she woke up, until her sweet two-year-old self went to sleep at night, it was non-stop Teletubbies. It was absolutely adorable and just thinking about it transports me back to those days. I remember sitting with her on the couch, and while I would get some work done, she would watch intently as her bright colored “friends” entertained her and taught her mini life lessons. She even dressed up as Teletubbies two years in a row! Those were such special times. 


By the time Emmy was born, we still had some memories of Maddie’s favorite show and toys in the home, but they were harder to find if we wanted to buy some new things, which bummed us all out because these two are so similar and we knew Emmy would love Teletubbies too!


Then we got some really good news! 

Teletubbies is back! One of the most iconic global children’s brands of all time, Teletubbies, has returned to TV screens with brand-new episodes designed to appeal to today’s digital toddlers. Did you know that The original Teletubbies debuted in 1997 and has since been seen by more than one billion children around the world, in 45 different languages?

The new episodes star the four familiar characters and premiered on Nick Jr. earlier this year. It is created using the latest in media production techniques and the newly-modernized series features a number of delightful updates, such as the Touch-Screen Tummies and the Tubby Phone smart phone. It has also been carefully developed especially for children six months to three years old, to playfully capture young children’s imaginations and promote early developmental growth. 



To bring Teletubbies to real life, we are so happy to share with you all.

Lullaby Laa-Laa is a soft plush toy, which makes the perfect cuddly bedtime companion and the very first toy from the brand-new Teletubbies product line coming soon! We had originally planned to share this with our nephew, but just like I thought, Emmy loved it!

The age range for Lullaby Laa-Laa is 18 months and up, and even though Emmy is 6, she still thought it was a fun toy and slept with it by her side last night! She loved being able to snuggle up to her “friend” and thought the built-in light pattern and musical sound effects were really relaxing and fun to play with. She still uses a night light at bedtime, and this worked perfectly in place of her standard night light. It beams light on the wall whenever her tummy is pressed, while a gentle lullaby plays to help ease little ones into a peaceful sleep.


Be sure to tune in to watch the all-new Teletubbies on Nick Jr. weekdays at 8am/7c. 

Have you ever watched Teletubbies with your kids?

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