Teen Teeth Straightening When Your Schedule Is Already Full

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I’m so excited to share more about Invisalign! Not only am I receiving treatment to straighten my teeth as an Invisalign Spokesperson, but Ashley is too! Now, I am not just speaking as someone receiving treatment myself, I am also a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My daughter has received complimentary treatment, (as have I) from the makers of Invisalign clear aligners, but all opinions expressed are my own.


Ashley is just about half way through her Invisalign treatment, and I wanted to share an update on how it is going.

She is doing great and her teeth are looking so much better! She had two teeth that were really far behind her other teeth, and because she had her adult teeth come in much later than the normal age, she didn’t have treatment to straighten her teeth until she was older than the norm. I’ve heard this is more common than I thought, and I figured that treatment results would be slower too. I was totally wrong. 

Her teeth were noticeably straighter in just a couple months. The two teeth that were pushed way back are now much closer to the front and we can’t wait to see what the next couple of months will bring her and her much brighter smile!


We have both really loved how easy her Invisalign treatment has been, even with her busy school, workout, and travel schedule.  

With traditional braces like Maddie has, we spend so much more time at the orthodontist, something that would be next to impossible for Ashley to do. When we are traveling, Maddie has to skip appointments thus pushing back her treatment time. With Ashley, we just make sure that we have enough new aligners for the time we are away and that is it. She just changes her aligners wherever we are instead of having to go into an office to continue her treatment. Maddie ends up going to the orthodontist three times as often as Ashley and I do.

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We also have been turning our orthodontist visits into mother-daughter dates. Pete and Ashley get to spend a lot of time together with CrossFit, and this gives me some time to hang out with Ashley.  We have definitely bonded over going through treatment together. She is really good about wearing her aligners and she always makes sure I put mine right back in after eating. 
Invisalign treatment is also really convenient during the day to day moments. We can both eat anything during treatment, which you can’t do with traditional braces. Ashley was also worried about hurting her teeth or mouth during workouts if she had braces on, that isn’t a concern at all for her with Invisalign.

teen crossfit

After I started Invisalign treatment, I knew Ash would love it too, so we took the Smile Assessment to see if she was a candidate, and then we used the Dr Locator to find a doctor we loved!


My only other concern was the cost as it compared to traditional braces and I was happy to learn that Invisalign has a Cost Calculator so that you can get an idea of the cost associated with treatment. 


Do you have a teen or preteen that is ready for straighter teeth?

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  • Invisalign is pretty amazing. I wish this had been around when I was in high school. Back then, braces were a sentence of popularity death. Kids are so mean. LOL

  • Invisalign sounds like a great alternative to traditional braces. It’s much better than all that cement and those metal studs.

  • That’s awesome. I have traditional braces for the second time in my life, and i was NOT a candidate for Invisalign, which kills me. I wish i had been able to have them.

  • I’ve heard so many great things about invisalign! My youngest will probably need to get his teeth straightened and I plan to do invisalign instead of braces for him if we can!

  • Invisalign is a fantastic way to straighten your teeth. I had the old fashion metal braces when I was a teenager. I would have loved to use these instead.

  • My girls are not teens yet, but if they need something like this I would definitely check in to it. I actually wish I would have used this back when I was younger. I think Invisalign sounds great.

  • I love invisalign I’d love to invest for myself! Luckily so far my kiddos have some pretty great, and really straight teeth but I have a feeling one or two may need something like this once their adult teeth start coming in more!

  • I haven’t heard of Invisalign. Good to know about this. It is hard if you have a non-straight teeth.

  • My friend has been wanting to try this for a while but has been hesitant. Was the cost super bad? I wonder how long it takes compared to braces.

  • That’s really amazing! It’s a great option and it’s not like your traditional braces, it’s hassle-free and it doesn’t lessen your child’s confidence as well. I think this is worth it, especially since it’s going to make your teen a lot happier.

  • We have a friend that just finished her Invisialign treatment. She loved the fact that it was so inconspicuous, as she’s a realtor and in front of people all day, every day.

  • I don’t think the kids will need their teeth straightened but they are rather young still so we’ll see. I’m happy to read how well it works. I like that Invisalign is covered by some insurances and has monthly payment plans, that helps out families a lot.

  • My daughter is only 5 so she’s not at the point where she needs braces but I’m pretty sure she will in the future. If that’s the case, we’re definitely going to look into Invisalign!

  • My son wants to try this but he’s way past pre-teen stage. I think it sounds awesome to be able to have more freedom to travel without worry a bit.

  • I wish this had been an option for my son when he had braces. He was so self-conscience of his braces, but he does have a gorgeous smile now.

  • I currently have two kids in braces and watching their teeth transform is nothing short of amazing! Invisalign sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional treatment.

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