Teaching Compassion and Taking Action

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On Saturday, May 6, 2017, my daughters and I joined people from around the globe to walk or run 6 kilometers to support World Vision’s water initiatives through the World Vision Global 6K for Water. The reason that this event is 6 kilometers (approximately 3.7 miles) is because that is the average distance that people in the developing world, often women and young girls like my daughters and I, have to walk for water each day. This walk can be dangerous, and the water is often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

As a family, we were very interested in participating in this event because teaching our children to be compassionate members of the world is one of the most important things to us. But, it goes far beyond that. We also want them to take action to be a part of the solution to what ails the world.

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Before the 6K we were sent a child who we were walking for. Pusetso, a 7 year old (just like Emmy) lives in Lesotho. Pusetso lives with his parents and has no brothers or sisters and his individual story really inspired us and made the concept of not having clean water and the huge challenges it causes come to life for our family. It also inspired us to want to do more and share his story. We also were inspired to want to help World Vision make sure that everyone has safe, easy, and plentiful access to clean water.

We found that sponsoring a child is a personal, long-term way to get involved with World Vision and to show love to a child in need. The World Vision child sponsorship model allows for a one-on-one relationship with a sponsor while pooling the gifts of all sponsors who support children in the same community to provide long-term resources for lasting change.

Because poverty is complex and rarely solved by one intervention, we know that there is a big-picture plan to help those who really need it. Depending on each community’s needs, a sponsored child and his or her entire community will benefit from things like clean water through new or renovated wells, school fees, and supplies and better education due to restored schools and teacher training. Other components like improved nutrition due to agricultural training, as well as healthcare clinics and immunizations, are also addressed.


The good news is that even if you could not participate in the Global 6K for Water, you can still impact the whole life of a child, including providing access to clean water, through child sponsorship.

This is how child sponsorship through World Vision works:

First, you find a child you want to help. After you choose one, you can look forward to the first letter from your child within 6-12 weeks. This is the start of a one-on-one relationship, and a fuller life for both of you.

Plus, your gift helps your sponsored child and their entire community. Your donation combines with gifts from all other sponsors who support kids in the same area. This provides long-term resources for everyone! The local staff makes your donations go the extra mile and it is important to note that the children don’t get direct cash benefits. The staff creates a sustainable plan for funds that keeps communities out of poverty, even once they’ve moved on to help friends living in another area.

Knowing how our donations are helping is important to us, and with the My World Vision digital experience, you can get regular updates, track community progress, and view photos of your child.

You can even send your child a letter through email!

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Every $1 donated equals $1.30 in impact, thanks to grants and product donations!

The goal of World Vision sponsorship is to help your sponsored child and his or her community to break the cycle of poverty so they can step into the future with hope. Throughout an approximately 15-year involvement in communities, World Vision manages, monitors, and evaluates progress toward the community’s goals. When these goals are met, World Vision can move on to other communities to serve other children in need of help. It is a really good feeling to be a part of this change and a great lesson for our children to be compassionate and to also get involved and take action.

Have you considered sponsoring a child through World Vision?

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  • I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child, but just don’t have the extra income to make it work at the moment. It’d be a huge blessing.

  • I’ve never sponsored a child, but I’m definitely considering it! This is such a great cause, and I love the personal contact with the child you sponsor. And what a great way to get your own child involved and raising awareness!

  • When we were younger my family sponsored a child. Now I give my time and teach my children how to support great charities and causes as well

  • This is such a lovely way to show your values instead of just speaking them. When my boys were young we volunteered at the Ronald Mc Donald House and supporting children (and were penpals) with Compassion International.

  • What a great cause to support! That is so wonderful that you have your girls involved too. It is so important for kids to understand the difficulties other children go through and teach them to be compassionate. I would love to sponsor a child. That is such a great way to give back.

  • What a great way to help kids understand what others have to go through to get what we take for granted on a regular. I love that the length of this was determined by how far others have to walk to get fresh water and things that we have daily in front of our faces. This is a great, hands on way to teach compassion and educate our children on how others struggle!

  • What an amazing cause to support. I love that your girls are involved – I try daily to teach compassion to my boys and encourage them to think of others who are far less fortunate than them. Sponsoring a child is such a beautiful thing to do.

  • It’s really important to make sure that you teach your kids compassion and kindness as well as helping out. It’s one of the best lessons that we can impart on them as they take on life. These are beautiful suggestions.

  • This is really nice. I think it’s awesome that you’re getting the kids involved in helping those in need out. Everything starts at home, including compassion and respect for others.

  • Kudos to you! This sounds like a cause that is most deserved and one that I can get behind. I love that $1.00 equals $1.30 in impact. That is a great return!

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