Teaching Children The Joy Of Letter Writing In The Digital Age

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I love living and raising kids in the digital age… and I still love old fashioned letter writing. Now that Emmy is reading and writing I’m excited to share my love of written words with her too! Helping me to teach her the joy of letter writing is Disney Junior’s Sofia the First and I’m so excited to share this with you via this sponsored post partnership.

teaching children letter writing

When I look back on when I was five compared to Emmy’s life at five it’s exciting to see all the opportunities and possibilities she has that were not around when I was that age. Do you remember when you had a question about something and you had to look it up in a book to find the answer? These days we can just do a simple internet search and learn everything we need to know! And although I love how simple and easy technology makes life, I still love some of the old fashioned ways we learned and communicated… like letter writing!
letter writing for kids

Luckily we have the options of merging old fashion with new technology to have the best of both worlds. Emmy and I were so excited to write Sofia The First a letter using both our computer and paper and pen.

teaching kids to write letters

It’s really cool. You log onto Dear Sofia and the kids can pick a stationery design and then add color and stickers to it. Emmy added lots of little furry animal friends to hers. Then we printed it out…

letter writing is fun

Emmy spent some time thinking of what to say to Sofia. She decided to ask her what her favorite pet is and then she drew Sofia a little picture.

letters to sofia

Emmy’s favorite part was folding up the letter and putting a stamp on it and sending it off! Knowing that she will get a reply back from Sofia is the cherry on top! She is so excited!

While she was writing the letter we had a nice talk about how fun letter writing is, and how letter writing helped me keep in touch with my friends when I was a little girl. She thought that was great and now she is excited to write more letters!

Your kids can write a letter to Sofia too (and get a royal letter back). Head on over to Dear Sofia to learn more.

Do your kids love to write letters too?

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