Swiffer Big Green Box Makes Cleaning Easy

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big green box

Keeping our house clean is so important to us.

We all feel like having a clean house helps in other areas of our life and goes beyond just our home. I feel more energized and happier coming home to a home that is clean and I feel motivated to excel in other areas of my life then too. We have Swiffer to thank for helping us keep our home clean!

swiffer green box

When planning how to keep our home clean we have to keep in mind that whatever we use to clean has to be usable to adults and children alike since we all work together to clean. Thankfully Swiffer is there to help by making products that all of us can use and they make cleaning easy and FUN! That’s the power of #SwifferEffect!

When the girls saw the Swiffer Big Green Box (#BigGreenBox) they were so excited to try some new products, as was I! We were even more excited because we were sent 2 boxes so that we could give one away too!

We thought long and hard about it and decided to give one to Pete’s Mom!


My in-laws just moved into a new home and are finally at that point where everything is decorated and they are loving it {we all are really}!

They also both work and don’t want to spend hours cleaning. I was so excited to share the Swiffer Green Box with them because I know how much easier Swiffer products make cleaning up. From taking care of spills to weekly deep cleaning Swiffer has got it covered.

My mother-in-law also has knees that are giving her trouble so it makes me happy to know that these will help her clean up easier so she doesn’t have to work as hard.

swiffer big green box

She was so excited! 

swiffer sweeper

We went through all the items in her box… 

Swiffer Sweeper: One simple tool that can be used to sweep and mop virtually all hard surfaces using both dry and wet cloths.

Swiffer Duster: Uses thousands of fluffy fibers that change shape to fit anywhere to trap and lock dust without spreading it around the home.

What’s your favorite cleaning tip?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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