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Tonight at dinner we were all talking about our upcoming night at Disneyland for Disneyland’s Mickey’s Halloween Party later this month. We went on the first night and that wasn’t enough for us. This time we are going back and bringing the whole family!

We were talking about everything we want to do this next time and reminiscing on our last visit. This past time we went into the park and went on a few rides and then we went to Downtown Disney for a little girl time before going back into Disneyland for the party.

One of the highlights of our evening was Studio Disney 365! Disney spoiled my daughter with this magical makeover!

I really believe that life is about experiences. Creating memories is always on my mind. Studio Disney 365 agrees. From the moment you step into the studio, the kids are treated like little rock stars.  Everyone that walks in the door is offered the sparkle treatment. That alone is worth stopping in… but the makeovers will make kids and kids at heart sequel and sign up for a makeover!


From their website:

“At Studio Disney 365, become a star of tomorrow today with your choice of 6 different superstar makeovers. All packages include a “talent contract,” hairstyling, makeup, and a deluxe make-up palette. Then if you’re ready for the A-list, take superstardom to the next level with a selection of fashion outfits that put you in the spotlight.”

The makeovers start at just $19.99. Seriously after you see how much fun they are and the amazing hair styles they create you will see that it is way under priced. If they charged double it would still be a great value.


This is my sweet middle daughter just as the magic started. From the hair style to the makeup and all the girl talk and games they play while they are getting pampered… it’s something they will talk about for a very long time.


My daughter has a very sensitive scalp and when I mentioned this to the girls they went above and beyond to be gentle and check in with her. She said she has never had such fun having her hair done. They are there to create a magical memory for kids and they totally did for us.


The first thing you do is sign a “talent contract” where you agree to have fun!


Then while you are getting all glammed up you get to play games. How cool is that?

A few notes: Although they try to accommodate walk ins I recommend that you call ahead and make an appointment. They offer makeovers for both boys and girls. While we were there we saw a boy come in and get the coolest blue spiked hair!

The makeup that they use is minimal but still makes them feel like their favorite Disney Characters. You take home the makeup palate that they use so there is no need to worry about germs. Our experience took about an hour so plan ahead if time is an issue. I was calling the girls “hair magicians” at the end because I was so impressed by what they can do. We were still finding glitter on us days later. And that was very much okay with all of us!

And because I just thought this was so fun I asked if they ever do adult hair and makeup makeovers. They said YES! So if you are a Disney Loving Mom like me… grab your girlfriends and get your makeover before you head off for a day of Disney fun… oh and bring the kids too…

Here is her big reveal! The only rule they have is that you can’t peak in any mirrors while you are getting your makeover… then once you are done you are presented like the rock star you are!


Thank you again to Disney for providing this magical makeover to help facilitate this review.

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