STOP eating boring sandwiches: Rosemary Mayonnaise {Tasty Tuesday}

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My daughters and I are definitely foodies. Being Vegetarians hasn’t slowed down our love for food, but my limited ability to cook has. I love to bake and I love to eat baked goods so that’s all good… but real food, you know the stuff you have to eat to survive is not so easy for me. I’m a simple cook, spaghetti, salads and fake veggie meats all work well… but we crave a little extra… Extra flavor that is!

My sweet middle daughter decided to make Rosemary Mayo for our veggie burgers. So easy and so yummy that I had to share! Let’s get started!

Last year we planted “Rose” the rosemary plant. I’d include her picture, but she’s camera shy {or maybe I’m too lazy to go take a picture of her}. She was a tiny little thing and instead of shrinking for the winter she doubled her size! I think it was The Middle daughters love and attention.

She graciously offered us some of her yummy leaves. We chopped them up and added them to the mayo.

Depending on how strong you want your mayo you can adjust the amount of rosemary. Here we added 4 tbs. of mayo and 2 tbs of rosemary.

Although I am using a veggie mayo here, regular mayo tastes great too!

Now mix it all up and refrigerate at least 24 hours.

We’ve used this as a spread on hamburgers and sandwich’s and a dip for french fry’s. But if you are a meat eater this would make a fantastic glaze for fish or chicken. Just spread on the meat and then cook.

I am giving CREDIT TO: Silly grinning Middle Daughter so as to avoid another situation with my daughter being mad at me and because Lawyer fees are expensive.
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