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Getting the kids ready and out the door every day is tough and something we are working on making less stressful. Ikea totally gets it and has solutions to make mornings better. I’m so excited to be partnering with them for this sponsored post.

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IKEA conducted a recent survey about Americans’ morning habits.

Not surprisingly, In the results, 72 percent of the respondents said that a stressful morning affected the rest of their day, and three in four people do not have a regular weekday morning routine. I totally agree. If we have a smooth morning the rest of the day seems to follow. If we have a difficult morning the rest of the day seems to be more difficult than it should be. Since a good day starts at home, I’m working with IKEA on a new program called “First :59,” which is built to share ideas, centered around common morning routines and key areas of the home where we get ready, that help people make most out of the first hour of their day. 

I’m so excited about First :59 because I know how important that time can be to starting the day off right!

IKEA asked me to identify some challenges my family and I have in our morning routines, and I have worked with the IKEA First :59 panelists to develop a solution that will help make the First :59 minutes of our day a little easier. 

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If you have kids you know that getting them ready and out the door on time can be a challenge.

The first hour of your day can be challenging, hectic and stressful. IKEA wants to help people better their mornings by offering resources to streamline and maximize those first 59 minutes after the alarm rings and that’s why they came up with the “First :59” program.

We all have individual needs when it comes to our morning routines and your morning starts so much better when you can find the things you need, quickly and easily. You can get out the door faster, spend more time with the kids, enjoy an extra cup of coffee, etc. Bedrooms and bathrooms in particular, are where good days start ­­ where people get ready every morning.

IKEA understands how people live, and has solutions to help you make the most of these important spaces.

Ikea found that 49% of adults over 35 that get stressed in the morning identified getting kids prepared for the day causes the most stress. I totally agree. One of the biggest issues we have is clothes. Our little one insists on picking out her own clothes, but she often takes forever and her clean clothes end up in a big pile by the time she is done looking through them. We don’t have any system in place and we need one. We need a way to cut down on the time and chaos that comes from picking out her clothes each morning.

If this problem was solved all of our lives would be so much better!



You can join the conversation and share your questions or your own morning routine suggestions on social media with the hashtag #First59.

You can also go to for tips, product suggestions and more on the program.

After visiting the First :59 website I was so inspired to solve so many of our morning issues. I loved all of the panelists ideas and suggestions and I’ll be back soon to share the solution that we are doing to solve our morning clothes mess. I can’t wait till you see the outcome. It’s pretty cool and has made our mornings so much better!

What is your biggest morning challenge?

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  • The only one I have to get out of the house in the morning is me–my cat makes sure her needs are met way before I am ready to leave. Luckily I am now semi retired so when I do happen to have a client I make sure to let them know I won’t be there until 10ish (notice the ish). Doctor appointments? Not before 9:30!! I truly feel for all you Moms out there who have to get the kids ready and out the door (hopefully hubby needs no help!). This sound like a great place to go get idea to make your mornings less stressful.

  • This is an awesome what Ikea started. I need at least 118 minutes each morning to start my day. Thanks for sharing. Your daughter should pick out her clothes a while before bedtime so she can pick up the mess and not have to rush in the morning.

  • My biggest problem in the morning is not wanting to get out of the bed, and not having gotten everything ready the night before. Since I am going back to work part-time, I really need to get a morning routine established. I am going to check out the suggestions.

  • I can’t wait to read more about this in future posts. I love Ikea. Mornings are definitely the most hectic part of the day. When you have kids, it’s amplified even more. 🙂

  • I agree morning times used to be very hectic when I was working. I used to have to get everyone ready and out the door before I ended up being late to work. It was stressful. I found doing as much as possible at night before bed was the best way to go. Including laying out the kids clothes.

  • Packing lunches is the biggest drain on us in the mornings. We try to get as much as possible put together the night before, but somehow find ourselves running around with an empty lunchbox in the morning!

  • My biggest challenge is the energy to get out of bed:D Sometimes you just want to pull the covers up and sleep in! But in all reality we have a pretty good pattern set down and it works. Organizing is a big help.

  • Well I definitely fall into the group of no real morning routine – except making my keurig coffee. Life has been so busy that I usually pick out my clothes the night before, do my hair, feed the dog, and do my make up in the car. lol Pretty funny! But I love that Ikea is doing something about it!

  • I work the early morning shift, so my First:59 is at 12:30 in the morning. That gives me exactly an hour and a half to get myself to work. My first 59 minutes is taking a shower, getting dressed, making myself lunch to take to work and making sure that the kids have breakfast they can pop in the microwave before they go to school. Thanks for sharing this post. It made me think to be more organized from now on.

  • I have started getting things ready the night before–I’m up at the crack of dawn, it’s getting the others going I’m going to read those tips for sure!!

  • I have a son, and luckily, he isn’t too fussy when it comes to clothes. He is, however, very particular with his hair and how I style it. He wouldn’t leave the house until I style his hair – hair gel and all.

  • I’m so happy to have two boys who take only minutes to get ready each morning for school clothing-wise. Finding all the stuff they misplaced that they need for school and sports, however, that’s a different story! Will have to check these ideas out, thanks!

  • This happens in almost every home. I agree that you feel good when you start your day in a better manner. But when both husband and wife have to rush for their job and make sure their kid(s) also get ready, you can’t expect a happy morning every day. First:59 seems to be so exciting for sure.

  • ah, i think i need to head over there stat… our mornings are…well they are better than they were.

  • Our mornings are usually stressful. I think the main thing is we just don’t want to get up. I think it is a great idea to get the clothes picked out at night because that usually takes up most of the rushing time. I think if I can get a routine going it would go a lot smoother!

  • Prior to this year I only had one child to get up and off to the bus stop, she… yes, my daughter is so pokey and my god do NOT rush her in the slightest bit or there is no hope for making the school bus. :p Now this year I have her to get up and ready and she needs about an hour just to get dress, brush hair and teeth and get fully ready and out the door. My 4 year old son on the other hand takes all of 5 minutes to get dressed and is ready to head out the door. I sure hope he is still this easy in years to come.

  • I know for us, the stress comes from being unprepared. I think always leaving a little more room for accidents can help, meaning “time” in case anything pops up. Someone ones told me that I am in complete control of my day. If my morning starts off wrong, it’s my ultimate decision to either make my entire day go right or wrong based on my own attitude. Just my own little quirkiness.

  • I am a fan of IKEA and wish I could shop there more. My youngest can be a challenge to get out the door in the morning, especially my six year old who is picky about his clothes.

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