Spring Cleaning Tips For The Whole Family

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We have been having the strangest weather here in Southern California. Yesterday, I joked that it was a beautiful summer day in winter. With 80 degree weather for a few days, it’s hard not to get excited for spring when the days will stay warmer for longer than a week at a time. Everything starts to come back to life again! I love having the windows open to let in the fresh air, planting our little garden, and doing some spring cleaning. Yesterday I stopped in at our partner, The Home Depot, and right at the entrance I was greeted by a display of cleaning products that are going to make our spring cleaning so much easier this year.


Another thing that is going to help with spring cleaning is having the girls help more.

They are all at ages where they can take part in helping to keep our home happy and healthy. I’ve learned some tips along the way to get everyone involved and helping, and even having fun.

Tip #1 Don’t do it all at once. Kids get bored….actually everyone gets bored, especially when it’s doing something they didn’t choose to do. Set aside a half hour to an hour every day to tackle spring cleaning so nobody gets burned out or bored.

Tip #2 Play music! This is my favorite tip. Always have music on and let every family member pick a song. Rotate through, starting with the youngest to the oldest. Dancing is totally allowed as is signing along as you clean!

Tip #3 Assign everyone a job (or two). Emmy is our declutter-er. Ashley is the expert at vacuuming and I am known to clean a counter like it’s nobody’s business. Make a list of everything that needs to get done, and then assign each task to a different person. Don’t just break it up by rooms. Have everyone be an expert at a couple things and have them do those things in all the rooms. They will finish each room quicker and feel a sense of accomplishment more often, thus making it more fun.

Tip #4 Have the right tools before you start. The worst thing is running out of something you need, and then not being able to finish what you started until another day….especially when you are already in your groove. This is really true when it comes to cleaning. When we were at The Home Depot, I picked up everything I needed in anticipation of our yearly spring cleaning. My go-to products right now are Clorox Fresh Scent and Citrus Blend Disinfecting Wipes for everywhere clean up. They come in a 2-pack of the 75-Count wipes and they help me clean everything from counters to door knobs. I’m also big on Pine-Sol 60 oz. Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner. Nothing smells like clean, like Pine-Sol! It leaves my floor sparkling! One of my newest tips is to use Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel to get my toilets super clean. It does a great job and saves me time and extra work. The Home Depot has it in a Value Pack right now too!


Tip #5. Plan your cleaning schedule ahead of time and don’t stop until it’s done. We are big into time blocking. We schedule pretty much everything, including cleaning, so we have started adding our cleaning schedule to our calendar.  Once we start, we don’t let anything distract us. We also make sure that we actually do all of the scheduled cleaning times.  That way, our list of things to clean is done, and we are ready for some spring and summer fun!

How do you include your kids in keeping your home clean?

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