Spicy Smashed Avocados on Grilled Buttered Toast plus 110 other delicious avocado recipes

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With 4 acres of avocados trees, I have a lot of avocados and that is a-okay in my book. I love avocados and all of their health benefits! They have healthy fats and are packed full of vitamins. They have even been shown to have cancer-fighting properties. Now eating them is my favorite way to use them… but they are excellent for so much more!  Yesterday I looked at my counter and saw that I had 3 that were perfectly ripe. That’s when this recipe popped into my head. I’ve also rounded up 10 other great ways from fellow bloggers to use avocados! Enjoy!

Spicy Smashed Avocados on Grilled Buttered Toast

What you need:

Here is what you do:

  1. Slice bread fpn_IMG_3218
  2. butter bread
  3. grill bread
  4. mash avocados and add a shake of pepper, salt, and garlic powder fpn_IMG_3206
  5. top grilled bread with mashed avocado mixture
  6. Drizzle a few drops of hot sauce on top of each one and eat!

Here is another awesome way to add more avocados to your life:


My Potato Tacos!




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  • Thanks for including mine Heather! I love avocados, this is a great round up!

  • I just noticed you included my recipe. Thanks so much! I recently had some allergy testing done and found out that I only have about 10 safe foods (boo) and avocado is one of them (yay), so I’ve been searching for more recipes to make with it. I’m excited to try the spicy smashed avocado recipe!

  • OH MY GOODNESS! This is a recipe I will have to make. I am a huge avocado fan and this recipe looks scrumptious!

  • Thanks for the links, can’t wait to try some new avocado recipes.

  • This looks so delicious and oh my goodness do I love avocados! I really needed some new recipes!

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