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So Cal Family Fun at Medieval Times in Buena Park

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Last weekend Medieval Times invited us to review their current dinner and show! The older girls had been before but this was a whole new experience for the little one. Before we went I did my usual prepping for her by showing her the pictures online so she had an idea of what we were going to see and do.

Three year olds love routine and to feel in control of their surroundings and this three year old is no different. Doing a little prep work first and talking them through the adventure can be the difference between total fun and a not so fun adjustment period.

She knew before hand that she would be getting a crown from a princess and that we would be going to have dinner in a castle.


She wore her princess Brave shirt to celebrate. I thought about letting her wear one of her princess dresses but I opted for a comfy outfit for her instead. There were tons of little girls attending in full medieval dress so if you and your little ones want to get dressed up totally do!


I tried to calculate how many times I've been to Medieval Times. Having grown up in Orange County many friends had birthday parties there… I'd say I've been close to 10 times. This was by far my favorite.  It has a completely different feel than the other times. I wanted to show you all this picture because it shows how much of an upgrade they made to the entry hall. The rich hardwood floors add depth to the experience and make you feel like you are in a fabulous castle.


As I've been pushing over on my Facebook page, I'm working so hard to make sure I'm in at least one picture when we are off on adventures or just taking some memory shots during our day to day lives. Our kids deserve picture memories with us moms in them!


There is medievalness everywhere!


One of the kids favorite stops was the horse holding area. These horses are so beautiful and very smart. They were watching us and curious about us just like we were of them.


You can totally get your shop on here. Don't have a medieval head dress? No problem, you can buy one! Need a glow in the dark wand? They have you covered…


Are these doors not beautiful? After you walk through you take a seat and get ready for the feast and show! i had some very excited kids who were not disappointed!


I only got one picture of food before the lights went out and the show started. The garlic bread was so good and the tomato soup tasty too!


About the food: The girls and I are all vegetarian {actually we have one vegan too}. They have a really good vegetarian meal. We had this tomato soup and garlic bread. Followed by vegetarian white lasagne with tomato sauce on top. The dessert was an apple turnover. We were provided our choice of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Water or Iced Tea. You are offered coffee with dessert. There is a limit on refills to your initial drink and one refill. Because each waiter or waitress has a large crowd to feed everything is staged in acts. Drink, soup, bread… etc. you might think that this is not enough to drink, but it was fine for us. I would have limited drinks anyways to help keep bathroom breaks to a minimum during the show. <— That must make me a mom to a little one. You are free to head into the lobby and purchase alcoholic beverages throughout the show. Pete had the regular meat meal and liked it. He was served the same soup and bread, plus a rib, 1/2 a roasted chicken and half of a seasoned potato plus the apple turnover. Last time we went, 3-4 years ago there was not nearly as much food as this time. We were offered to-go boxes and many people around us were using them. Very important: if your child, spouse or you yourself have texture issues or eating issues remember that everything is served with no utensils. You can totally bring in plastic forks and spoons so plan ahead and pack some in your purse.

Here are some pictures provide to me by Medieval Time. It was way too dark during the show for me to get any good shots to share!

The Show: Once the food serving is started the show starts. It's timed perfectly with what you are eating so that if you need light they are doing something with more lighting and if you are deep into eating there is a fun exhibition type scene. There are horse tricks and mock sward fights and plenty of action. The Princess does some talking along with the King and this thrilled my little one. It's interesting and fun and totally appropriate for all ages. There is tons of audience cheering and excitement as your knight competes against the others. Everyone in our party enjoyed it and the time went by very quickly as it keeps your attention the whole time! PS. I often see discount tickets and promotions on their website so be sure to check it out!

Learn More about Medieval Times: Website, Twitter, and Facebook

Thank you again to Medieval Times for inviting us and providing us with complimentary tickets to this dinner and show. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. We really did have a great time and would recommend this experience to others!

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