Smart House Find: Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Smartcode Electronic Deadbolt Review

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I was provided Kwikset products for my home to facilitate this review. 

“You will never use old school locks after using a Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt!”

I’m in full on Father’s Day mode and I’m sharing all about the products that Pete wanted for Father’s Day this year. His main list of wants was all about making out home smarter, which is what we decided to accomplish in 2014!

Our first purchase was a Revolv Home Automation Hub. Once we had that set up we knew the next step was to install 2  Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Contemporary SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey in Satin Nickel {this is an affiliate link} locks because they are compatible with the hub and awesome as a stand alone product.

They are beautiful.

That’s totally me talking. My husband thinks they look nice, but he thinks that beyond their beauty they are a huge improvement over traditional deadbolts and he has told no less than 50 people how awesome they are. Being a Real Estate Broker he is constantly talking about home products he loves and these are on that list! 

This is everything we needed to install them…

It took us less than 20 minutes to install each Kwikset. 

Here are some features that really intrigued us with these locks:

  • Keypad entry: No key? No problem! No more getting locked out! It will also work with a key like a normal lock if you prefer that.
  • Set different codes for family, contractors, etc.. At any point, a code can be removed so it no longer works. This is a great way to restrict or grant access to the home if you are not there or if you only want people to be able to enter at certain times or days. 
  • Ours came in Venetian Bronze color which matched our existing door hardware. It also comes in polished chrome, satin nickel, and polished nickel so there is a color for everyone and their home decor. 
  • Runs on Z-Wave technology. This lock can be controlled from our smartphones, tablets, etc. w/ the use of our new Revolve Hub. We are striving towards a fully “smart home” and these locks are a big step in that direction.
  • Auto lock feature. We have ours personalized to auto lock after a certain amount of time. That way we never have to worry that we forgot to lock the door when we are away.

The installation was very simple.

I was able to install the 1st lock in about 20 mins.

The second lock I got done in about 10 mins. If you are replacing an existing deadbolt like us, the installation will be pretty straightforward.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Remove old lock 
  2. Measure to ensure that the holes on your door are where they should be (most likely they will be)
  3. Follow the brief instructions to put the new hardware on the door. The only tool you will need for this is a Philips head screwdriver. You will also need 4 AA batteries to install in the lock (not included) 
  4. Follow the directions to setup the codes for your lock…..takes only a minute and is simple 
  5. Last step….try out your new lock! Punch in the code, and the lock will open.  **We also set ours up to automatically lock after a certain amount of time after being unlocked. This simply is a flip of a tiny switch on the lock

Keys: This lock comes with new keys and can be used like a conventional deadbolt (not that I planning on using them).

However, Kwikset has a really neat feature that allows you to easily re-key the lock to match an existing Kwikset key. It is a very simple process that just takes a minute. I did this, and now both my locks are keyed alike

So far so good…. This is really a neat product that works great.

The installation was very easy, and even the kids are very comfortable using the code to unlock the door. Now I don’t ever have to worry about locking myself out of the house again!!

This would make a great gift for Dad this Father’s Day! Learn More about Kwikset on their website.

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