Smart House Find: Belkin WeMo Light Switch

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I was provided Belkin products for my home to facilitate this review. 

wemo light switch review

I was really excited to have these light switches.

I love that with their installation we are one more step closer to having a smarter home.  We received three Belkin WeMo Light, Wi-Fi Enabled {affiliate link} light switches and we immediately knew we would use them to replace light switches that control the exterior lights on our home. 

Belkin WeMo Light Switches have WiFi enabled light switches that can be programmed to turn on/off at set times of the day.

They can also be controlled by the free WeMo app or by using an app from a hub like Revolv which is how we are controlling them.

belkin smart light switch

The installation of these was very simple. 

Here are the basic steps:

Please note, we are not electricians. Please consult or hire with someone trained to complete these types of installations. Although we felt comfortable installing them please know your own skill level. Most importantly make sure that the electricity is turned off to the area you are working in. These are the steps that we took. But please use your own judgement.

  1. Make sure the power is turned off at the breaker. Don’t skip this step or you could be in for a real shock. We verified the power is off by turning on/off your old switch. 
  2. Unscrew your existing light switch
  3. Connect the WeMo light switch according to the simple diagram provide in the box.
  4. Screw in the WeMo light switch and attach the wall plate. I love that the plate is oversized and covers any paint chipped in the process.
  5. Turn on the power again at the breaker and test your switches.

We took a picture of the wiring so that we could make sure we connected everything correctly.

Belkin install

The first switch took us 10 minutes to install.

The other 2 only took us 5 minutes each because we knew exactly what to do. Although my husband did all the installation I felt like I could have completed this project with no problem at all and I’m not as handy as he is.

You can automate your system by downloading the WeMo app, or you can setup the switches on your Revolv hub (if you have one) like we did.

I was excited to get these because every day I need to manually walk over to these switches to turn the lights on at night, then turn them off in the morning. Now, I have them set to turn on at sunset and on at sunrise.

I hate to waste electricity so these are a really great way to make sure that lights are not left on all day if I forget.

If I’m ever away from home, these switches will still turn the lights on an off without me doing a thing. I can also change the timing for these switches, or simply turn on or off the lights from anywhere using the apps.

One more thing, these switches still function like normal light switches if you push them manually. 

belkin smart home

These would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for the tech savvy {or not} father in your life!

Pete loves them and right now, we have three of these, but after seeing how easy they are to install and program, I’m going to be buying a lot more! You can learn more and purchase them on  Amazon.

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