Slowing Down Isn’t An Option

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I joke that nothing slows Pete down, nothing. But this winter something finally did. It was a combination of a rainier winter, a packed travel schedule, and then a virus that wouldn’t let go. He finally is seeing the other side and is getting back to his non-stop life, but we had to sit down and get a plan in place to help him completely recover. This all started about two months ago. He and Ashley got back from the competition in Miami and they brought home some sort of virus. It was the type that hit them both out of nowhere. He was literally sidelined on the couch for almost a week, which is totally unlike him.

Once that initial period was over he jumped right back into his workout schedule as if nothing had happened, but something had and he felt it. Add to that a schedule of travel that he still had to do and gloomier than normal weather, and his spirit dropped just as much as his energy level. We both knew that getting him back on track was going to take more than just time.  We made sure that Pete kept up with his workouts. He really loves working out so we planned the rest of our schedules around it. We made sure he was getting as much sleep as possible. We also made sure that he never missed taking his vitamins. As a family, we have learned how important these supplements can be, but when you are not feeling 100%, you are more likely to forget these types of things. We decided to try something new to help prevent that, a transdermal patch from The Refreshinq Co. 


The Refreshinq Co. is creating a movement across the country to inspire people to meet their health and wellness goals. Pete and I are totally working to keep health and wellness at the top of our minds for our family, and Pete was excited to try their new transdermal patches to help him feel his best. The patches are a new, effective way to receive daily vitamins and nutrients in a consistent, long-term, sustained stream of what you need to be your best throughout the day.  He would put one patch on at breakfast time and then take it off at dinner time. This system made it easy for him to make sure to use it. I thought it was great that the patches are available in 5-day trials and full 30-day supplies so that you can try them out first and then buy a whole month supply after.


We and The Refreshinq Co. share a never quit attitude and we are happy to be a part of their community of fans who share a determination to be fit, strong and healthy. Since Pete started using the patches, he has felt even better and definitely has more energy. If you aren’t sure what nutrients your body needs (like B12) they have a little quiz you can take and they also have packages ready to go for different life needs and coaches who are there to encourage, educate and elevate your goals—so when people imagine what they can do, they can do it. What do you want to do?.

energy in winter

In addition to the patches, they also have packs so that you can choose your own nutrient delivery method. You can find all of their products in the Q STORE.

What will you never quit?

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  • With go, go, go schedules we don’t often get to slow down. Sounds like the patches are a great way to support your goals without taking away any time. That’s a win in my book!

  • If I could get my supplements in a patch, I would totally do that. I hate taking so many pills every day.

  • I would love to try the patches. It would be so easy to get everything you need that way.

  • I have never heard of these type of patches but they seem really nifty! I plan on subscribing to the gym very soon, so this is something I’ll look into with my husband!

  • I love this! Never quit, never surrender and power through! That is how I feel about parenting, hahaha!

  • I am a huge supporter of finding what works for you as an individual to promote health and wellness. I am not totally familiar with these but I love the option to be able to choose packs according to what nutrients you need individually. Definitely want to try it out!

  • Oh wow, I didn’t even know these existed! What a cool concept and definitely something I would try

  • I have been going slow all my life. Thanks for the motivation to pick up my speed.

  • Great job! I love how motivating this post is – I’m on my own weight loss journey right now (20lbs down) and I love following other’s journeys, too!

  • I have never heard of these patches… I need to browse the site and check out the products!

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