Simple Meal Solutions for a Balanced Lifestyle

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Now that the holidays are officially over and all the decorations are put away we all seem to be back in crazy, busy, work mode. I've been working more and more out of my actual office and less out of my home office. This brings with it a few challenges since I want to continue living a balanced lifestyle with a good mix of family time, work life and a healthy choices in food and activities. The biggest issues I'm facing are losing working time driving to and from the office and eating balanced meals when I'm away from home.

Thankfully my local Walmart has me covered on the balanced eating. I can run in there and grab what I need for a balanced meal and that leaves me with more time to focus on my family and work.

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I always start my day with Nestle Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer. I love that they have a sugar free variety in a big bottle!

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Breakfast is covered too! I picked these up for my husband. They are very tasty and portable for eating in the run! 

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I don't know about you… but I must have a snack between breakfast and lunch. I always want something that tides me over since I normally end up eating a later lunch in between client meetings or phone calls. These tasted like I was eating something way more decadent and calorie laden than they were. I'll be buying these again.

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I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat for lunch or for dinner so I bought a few choices. Bonus points that I can throw them into the freezer and heat them up at work. I love frozen food in general because I can keep a variety of meal choices ready for me to eat in minutes. Some days I'm in the mood for Chinese Food and some days mac n' cheese… either way I can satisfy my cravings!

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I couldn't forget a sweet treat. Just about at 2pm everyday I start to crave a little chocolate. These have a soft caramel center that is divine! Skinny Cow really knows how to satisfy a sugar craving!

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Learn more about all of the healthy lifestyle meals available at Walmart.

How do you lead a balanced lifestyle?

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  1. It’s great to eat a balanced meal throughout the day for sure!!! Also, I think we have almost the same granite countertops! LOL! =) #client

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