Simple Halloween “Boo” Decor

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Boo DecorWe are so close to Halloween and I’m still adding the final touches to my home decorations!

We go all out and I love to involve the kids too! Michelle is here today to share this super easy and kid helper approved BOO decor!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Three Frames (I used 4×6)
  • Halloween Scrapbook Paper
  • Fake Spiderwebs
  • Scissors
  • Chalk Pen or Pencil
  • Burlap Letters
  • Glue


The frames I used were purchased at the dollar store, also, check around your house, you are bound to have some old empty frames laying around.  And remember, a simple coat of paint on an old frame can transform the look.  I found pre-cut burlap letters at the craft store (talk about simple), but if you have stencils and burlap you can cut your own.

Boo decor 1

I found a great little book full of Halloween themed scrapbook paper at the store.  

I thought it was perfect for this project, but if you do not have special Halloween paper use the official colors of the holiday–black and/or orange paper.  The hardest part for me was deciding which three papers I wanted to use for my background….decisions, decisions!

boo decor 2

Next, place the glass part of your frame on the paper, trace along the outline and cut out.  

This ensures the correct fit for your frame.  I used a chalk marker as my paper was dark, and it made it much easier to see the lines then a pencil or pen.

boo decor 3

Simple so far, eh?  The simpleness continues as you place your burlap letters in the center of your papers.  

Just glue those letters down.  You can measure to get the letters perfectly centered (for you perfectionists) or eyeball it (which is what I did).

boo decor 4

Place your burlap letters into the frames.  

To make it even more festive, drape with fake spiderwebs.  And even place those little plastic spiders on the webs.  Be creative, channel your inner spookiness!  

Boo decor 5

Find a good spot to display your frames.  

I chose my foyer table.  Everytime I walk in or out my front door I see it.  My kids love it and inevitably ask when Halloween is again and again.  There.  I did it.  I accomplished my little bit of Halloween decorating and I am pretty proud of it.  Happy Halloween!!

Boo decor 1

Do you go all out for Halloween? 

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