Share story: s150466-1 – A Father’s Love for Family and Community

See full story: Share# s150466-1 — Lucio Mamani Katari, 52, who is a farmer in Bolivia, gets water from a World Vision tap at his home one morning in Soracachi ADP while his wife sleeps in. Sponsorship enables his generosity and strengthens his commitment to his daughter’s future. Despite the area’s high poverty rate, Lucio makes ends meet for his family of eight thanks to sponsorship-funded agriculture training. In fact, he gives away his best produce to others. Lucio also began to see the value of education for his children through sponsorship. He went against cultural norms and encouraged his 13-year-old daughter, Yuridia, a sponsored child, to pursue more school. Since his community does not have a high school, Lucio sent Yuridia to live with an aunt in another city to continue her education. This decision likely decreased the chance of early marriage for his daughter.

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