Seeing The World Through My Daughter’s Eyes

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This post, sponsored by Disney, features something I love to talk about, my daughters and Disney movies.

I remember hearing a quote about how “we teach our children about life, but they teach us what life is all about”… or something close to that and having one of those moments where the world shifted. My girls really have taught me more about life than I could ever possibly teach them. Same goes for how we chose to see the world and those around us in it.

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So often we get caught up in the whirlwind of the days’ tasks, that we don’t appreciate those that are around us, or we judge people too quickly based on just a couple moments of interactions. Emmy doesn’t do that. She walks into a room and everyone is her friend. We were at a party this past weekend and she walked right up to a group of girls a couple of years older than her. She looked them straight in the eyes, smiled, and asked if she could play with them too. I held my breath for a second, waiting for their reply, and in that moment I saw what a special thing it is to be a kid. The other girls’ eyes relaxed, a slow smile started to form, and before words were even spoken, they were all on track to be fast friends.

Emmy sees the best in people…always.

She reminds me of Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, which will come as no surprise to anyone since all things Disney are a big part of our family life.


She is also adventurous like Belle. Emmy is my most adventurous daughter. Jet skiing? Absolutely! Trying new food? Yes, please! Explore new places with new people? Sign me up! That is how Emmy thinks and I love it! That is how it should be, and I take so much inspiration from her.

She also loves learning like Belle.


All of my girls do…especially when it comes to reading.  Emily loves how books can take you on an adventure right from home. You never need to leave the house to be whisked off to a faraway land. I, of course, encourage this around every corner. In my house, it is always a good time to open up a book and delve into a story.

I love sharing stories with Emmy that have strong characters really living life. I am so excited for the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!

You know Emmy and I will be having a movie night with Maddie and Ashley so that we can all watch it together!

It will be available on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere September 6th, and on Blu-ray™ and DVD on September 20th! You can get your copy here.

Do your kids help you see the world in a more beautiful light?

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