Sea Life Aquarium’s New Exhibit Jellyfish Discovery Now Open!

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Thank you so much to Sea Life Aquarium for inviting us to this preview of the new Jellyfish Discovery. 



A couple of nights ago the girls and I headed down to Legoland for some behind the scenes fun. We were there to explore the new Jellyfish Discovery before it opens to the public!

The new exhibit is set among a really cool underwater like space, in its own private room, and there are over 100 jellyfish for you to get to know.


My oldest even bought and wore Jellyfish socks to celebrate! I had no idea they made jellyfish socks. I guess I was ‘schooled’… pun totally intended!


My little one sat here for a very long time just watching the jellyfish move around. It’s pretty fascinating and relaxing too.

We saw moon jellyfish, blubber jellyfish and spotted jellyfish from around the world in six display tanks containing 1,500 gallons of water. The room has lights that change color and it is very cool to see the jellyfish change with it.


As we entered the jellyfish area we listened in on a talk about the life cycle of the jellyfish and how they are able to move around. 


Jellyfish are classified as a free-swimming marine mammal… even though they have no nerves, no blood, no heart, and no brain. Even without all that, the jellyfish has organs that are able to sense and interpret smell, light and other animals that are around them.


It wasn’t all fun learning though… there was some goofing off too! 

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There is so much to see and do… but we always make time for a little shark scare at the end!


Jellyfish Discovery opens Today, Thursday, March 6th at Legoland California Resort’s Sea Life Aquarium in Carlsbad. 

Do you have a favorite Jellyfish?

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