Screaming Happy Sunflower Peeps CAKE!

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On Sunday my Momma {I don't actually call her that. I'm weird and call her by her first name. Have since I was little. Started when she thought that some random kid was calling for their mommy until she heard her first name called… true story} came over to bake me a cake. If you don't already know, I'm totally in love with sunflowers. I would have a house full of them at all times if my cats would stop eating them and then regurgitating {I'm using a nicer word since this is a food post after all… you are all welcome} them all over my furniture and carpet.  She can't remember where she saw this… but knew I would love it and she was right! Thanks Mom {I'm working hard on calling her this, I'm such a nice daughter like that}.

Don't worry, my mom likes to cheat like me {where do you think I learned it from} so this is a “cheater” recipe! Comes from a box and all ya'll!

Gather the cast of characters! Mom points out that whatever is on sale and cheapest makes the end product taste even sweeter {love mom}!

Dump and mix based on the directions on the box!

Pour and bake.


Play with the peeps and eat a few to make sure they are safe for your family and don't contain poison. My mom is so awesome… she's been checking the safety of our food for years. Now she even checks for her grandkids.

Squish top layer on. Mom wants you all to know that my middle daughter played an April fools joke on her that left her with pink finger. She needed a hair bow and my daughter put dye on one and handed it to her after asking if a “pink” one would work! Mom doesn't want you to worry that she has some pink finger disease. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course!

Frost the whole dang thing! Bam!

Squish your Peeps {the candy ones} onto the outer edge!

Fill with chocolate chip! If you want to get fancy and have a spare 10 hours you can make sure that they all are pointy side up. We're lazy so we just dumped them all. Don't worry, it still tasted good!

Voila! Freaking happiness on a plate! Thanks mom for a great surprise!

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