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I am always looking for ways to save money and to make my life easier. Being able to order my razors online and at a discount is something that does both of those things. Thank you to ShaveMOB for their partnership on this sponsored post so that I can share this with my readers.

save on razors

I have always just bought my razors at local stores. I would try to buy them on sale, but even sale prices where expensive.

Buying razors online has recently become a common practice because you can save so much money, and because you can just order them online and have them delivered to your door. For me that is huge! No more running out, no more having to find the best deal and no more having to head out to the store for a special trip to buy them. The question always was though, “Are they any good and do they really work like the name brand”?

I decided to find out for myself with ShaveMOB.

shavemob razors

I ordered both men’s and women’s razors to test them both out. 

Ordering is very easy. First thing you choose your razor. I tried them all out and I love that the handles work with any of the razors so you can get different blades in the future to fit your needs at that time. My oldest daughter likes “The Practical” and I like “The Perfectionist”, so there is something for everyone. After that, you just choose how many you want and pay. That’s it. 

ShaveMOB doesn’t have any shipping fees.

Pretty cool right? They also have no membership fees too. You just order what you need, when you need it. The whole order is sent at once so there are no monthly deliveries to worry about. Each razor is a one month supply so I ordered 12 at once or a one year supply. Realistically that won’t last me a year because my daughter already took half of them for herself. But it’s nice to just be able to order what we need for our family, for however long we want, and be done with it.

They came sealed in a tube shipper and were very well packaged. I was worried about how they would be shipped and if they would be damaged, but that was not a concern at all. The tube was so well closed off that I even had to work hard to get it open.

 low cost mens razors

The razors were exactly what I expected.

The handles were all very solid and long-lasting. The blades looked and worked just like all the other ones out there. I tried them out right away and they worked perfectly. I calculated that I saved about $120 with ShaveMOB. Every bit adds up and that’s a chunk of money that I can spend on something else for my family.

shave mob razors for men

I wanted to show you how solid the handle is. I was worried it would be really flimsy and it’s not at all.

shave mob online razors

 Head on over to the ShaveMOB website to learn more and to place an order.

What is your favorite easy way to save money?

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