Saturday Night Date Night “Degrees of Perfect” With Lennox®

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Last weekend Pete and I took a kid free drive up to Los Angeles to see something we had never seen before….an exhibition of art + engineering at The Container Yard hosted by Lennox®.

It was awesome! The exhibit, Lennox® Degrees of Perfect Art Exhibition was a first-of-its-kind exhibition featuring five unique murals painted by five different street artists (ASHOP CREW (ASHOP CREW): BACON (@vizsla_bacon), DODO OSE (@dodo_ose), 123KLAN (@123klan), SLICK (@og_slick), ZEK ONE (@zek156).)  Each highlighted a core value of the Lennox® brand: clean air, solar power, intelligence, quiet systems, and balance. We got there early for the VIP reception, and when we left shortly after, it opened to the public.  

The line to get in wrapped around the building and way down the street. It was so popular, and for good reason!

Street Artist Exhibit
The focal points of the exhibit were murals that changed with the temperature.

When heated air from Lennox® was applied to the murals, the thermochromic paint layer became colorless, revealing the base coat underneath. When introduced to cool temperature, the color returns. It was a really “cool” experience to see and something we have been talking about for days now. street art la

When we first arrived, we were treated to drinks + snacks, and learned all about the background to the exhibit.

The thinking behind the campaign was that once you own a Lennox® system, you’ll know What Perfect Feels Like™. But showing What Perfect Feels Like™ isn’t easy. That’s why Lennox® partnered with the art community because art expresses ideas that are often hard to visualize. Bringing art and engineering together for this first-of-its-kind exhibition demonstrated that Lennox® is not just innovative in how they create the perfect system, but they’re also innovative in how they show it.

Being a visual learner, it was nice for them me to visually show how powerful Lennox® products are.
heat activated painting

PURITY – Your home is more than just a place. It’s where you rest and recharge. You depend on it for health and comfort. If it becomes impure, it loses what was so important about it in the first place.

SOLAR – Our most efficient source of power was around long before we were. By harnessing the natural heat and light from the sun, we can use the energy to fuel our own comfort and allocate any excess to other needs.

ADAPTIVE – True intelligence means something can learn, beyond simply accumulating information. It mean s it can feel and has a sense of its environment, so when external factors change, it can react, adapt and continue its job without interruption.

QUIET – Noise is chaos. It rattles any notion of ease or peace with a ripple effect that invades both your mind and your body. To break the chain reaction, it must be suppressed at the source. A perfect system is one that you don’t even know is there.

BALANCE – The elements are in a constant battle. When one gains an advantage, the disparity leads to discomfort. Opposing forces must work together in harmony to maintain a perfect balance. -LennoxArtProject

Pete and I are both so happy we could be there to see this, and are so impressed by the talent of the street artists and the engineers at Lennox®!

How did you spend your Friday night?

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