San Diego County Fair! It was out of this world!

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On Monday we visited the World Famous San Diego Fair! We go every year but this year was especially fun because The Toddler was old enough to appreciate all the fun going on around her. Taking pictures is getting harder and harder as no one wants to stop and smile when there is so much fun to do…

We started in the food area. Come on… you all knew I’d hit the food first, right? Every year I go straight for the Tasty Chips… have since I was a little girl. They are like huge potato chips but they have a softness to them too. One of my favorite foods ever. If I hadn’t devoured them, a half dozen donuts {made in front of you}, the biggest chocolate chip cookie and fresh squeezed lemonade within second of buying it all I would have taken a picture to show you. We skipped the adventuresome eating this year although we did see fried cereal and well, all other fried foods you could possibly imagine!

 What we did do that surprised me {kinda} was to go on the super high slide. I remember last year that The Toddler was no where close to being big enough, old enough or showing any interest in going on it… and this year she squealed when she saw it. Practically begging to go on it. At 2 1/2 she is about as tall as the average 4 year old so she gets to experience things a lot earlier than either of her sisters… but it still wasn’t unexpected when I saw signs of distress at the top. My husband and all the girls went on the slide while I photographed from below {I’m a wimp}.  

She doesn’t look thrilled to be on the slide… but…

As they were getting off the ride I asked my husband if she started to get nervous. He’s so in tune to the girls that I was a bit confused. If she was upset about going down I know he would have just walked her back down the stairs. He started laughing and told me that she was upset… she wanted to go in her own lane BY HERSELF… because she is a “big girl”. And to think I was worried!

The Space room was fun. There were tons of exhibits and some of the friendliest people there to interact with and take our pictures. 

We had to get a shot with each of the space aliens!

And then it was pony riding time! Again I was a little worried.. would she get spooked on the pony… or would the pony be the one getting spooked? 

She was a total PRO! Seriously she looked like she had been riding all her life! 

We couldn’t leave without visiting all the animals. If you are looking for a cheap day trip with tons of entertainment for the kids the fair is the place to be. Honestly, you could spend hours walking through all the animal exhibits and the exhibitors are a wealth {hehe} of free info. The girls learned about different animals and how to care for them and such.  This turkey was a favorite!

A good time was had by all… but can someone please tell me why The Toddler keeps making this crazy face now when I say smile. I have hundreds of pictures over the last few weeks all with variations of this craziness…  yes, 2 year old’s are interesting!

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