Saluting Our Not-So-Every-Day Heroes

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This handsome soldier is my brother-in-law, Kyle. He is a Veteran, a Marine, a father, a husband, a good man, and a Not-So-Every-Day HERO! Kyle did a tour in Iraq during his time in the Marines.

He served honorably for our country and our freedom and I am so proud to call him family!

Being away from family and in a war zone is a sacrifice of enormous magnitude! He willingly chose to be away from his loved ones to serve our country, everything it stands for, and to keep us safe. Men and women like my brother-in-law have worked so very hard, sacrificed so much, and are continuing to put themselves on the line for our country.

It’s an awesome thing to have a Not-So-Every-Day Hero in your family! My sister and her kids of course adore Kyle. But not just them, my own daughters have a wonderful example of a giving and generous man to look up to. I appreciate the sacrifices that Kyle and all military members and their families make for my freedom and the freedom of my children.

The men and women who have sacrificed and served us in the military are HEROES! They deserve to be recognized for the brave and honorable things they have done. I try every day to show my appreciation in lots of different ways.

Here are my favorite ways that I’ve said thank you to my military hero’s:

1. Thank you! I say it all the time. Living in a military area like San Diego I see lots of hero’s everyday. I say thank you whenever possible!

2. Buy them a drink at the local coffee shop. So often they are in line with me and it’s so easy to pay for theirs too!

3. We invite them to spend Thanksgiving with us. We’ve done it on multiple occasions. It’s often not possible for our young service members to get home for the holidays, so we invite them to celebrate with us!

I was so thrilled to learn that Chevy has committed themselves to serving all who have served! 

During Military Appreciation Month all Veterans, including active duty, reserves, and retirees are eligible for Chevrolet Military Discount. Chevrolet isn’t just giving them a small discount. They are giving these heroes the best Military Purchase program in the industry!

Of course, we can’t forget the SPOUSES of these Heroes (who are themselves, just as heroic for allowing their spouses to fight for us)! They also are eligible for this fabulous discount through Chevrolet.

Chevy is also supporting the military with these awesome programs… 

Chevrolet supports the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, works with Cell Phones for Soldiers, has employed more than 60,000 veterans and is proud to be the Official Vehicle of the Army-Navy Game presented by USAA.

Whether you have a Veteran or active duty military Not-So-Every-Day Hero in your own personal family or you have a close friend, or see a soldier in uniform walking down the street, stop and thank them. Tell them you appreciate them. Find a way to show them that you know they have sacrificed much for you and our country. And be sure to remind them about the fabulous discount they can get at Chevrolet during Military Appreciation month and throughout the year!

Shout out the name of a Veteran and Hero you would like to honor in the comments below!!!

Heather Reese
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  • Just want to say thank you to him for serving this country and protecting us all! He sounds like an amazing man, who cares greatly for others!! It has to be so hard to be away from family, for him and the family! I can’t imagine that!!!

  • My husband is a retired vet, so I can truly appreciate what Chevy is doing!

  • What a great program sponsored by Chevy. Our current and retired members are why we have our freedom and they deserve so much more recognition than they sometimes receive.

  • What a great program Chevy is doing and how wonderful of you to bring this to our attention. I too pay for drinks and say Thank you. I love you invite them to Thanksgiving. What a great way to give back I will have to look into how to do that in my own community. I love a full table. Thank you to Kyle for his service and again Thank you for the reminder that Everyday our lives are blessed with hero’s.

  • This is such a fantastic campaign! Way to go Chevy! I too am so grateful for all of the men and women who serve our Country!

  • I never thought to invite a soldier to a holiday but what a fantastic idea! It only makes sense that some of them can’t make it home and being able to spend a holiday with someone or a family is important. Love this initiative! 🙂

  • Buying their coffee for soldiers and veterans is such a great way to say thank you! Small gestures like that can really make someone’s day.

    • So true. The gesture doesn’t have to be grand. It is about letting these veterans know that they are appreciated. That in itself goes a long way.

  • Awe, that was just such a touching post… he sounds like a true hero, inside and out. I love that Chevy is honoring people like this 🙂

  • Thank him for his service. My husband is a veteran as well. He served 3 tours before taking a job as a civilian working for the military. That sacrifice your BIL made is not lost on me. Also that darn Chevy commercial has put me in tears no less than 5 times already!

  • Your brother in law is one of America’s true heroes! Thank you for your service!!!

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