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Review: MJ Live, Michael Jackson Tribute

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“High energy, great atmosphere, classic Michael Jackson moves”

After dinner at Emeril’s my middle daughter, who is 11, and I hopped in a taxi and headed over to see MJ Live at the Rio. The Rio is located a bit off the strip but well within a quick car trip. She and I are both fans of Michael Jackson music and sing along to it all the time.

MJ Live is definitely a family-friendly show. It’s at 9:00 pm so it’s a bit later in the evening, but the crowd is not Vegas crazy if you know what I mean.



The seating at the show is relaxed in that there are booths and tables for you to sit at and beverage service right to your seat. The booths are perfect for families as they are comfy and the kids can wiggle a bit. If you have kids that are under 5 I recommend that you sit in the top area close to the entrance and exit. That way you can slip out if you need to take a bathroom break.


The music was loud enough to feel like you are at an actual Michael Jackson concert but the sound was not too high that it took away from the fun. I like to be able to actually hear the music and you can at MJ Live!


For the performance, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Michael Jackson is such an icon that I thought this could go either way. Either we would love it a lot or not so much. It was a love it for sure. The “Michael Jackson” performer has the moves and the energy that transport you back to a different time. As each new song comes on you feel like you are watching the “King of Pop”. His voice is not 100% Michael’s, and that’s okay. There will never be another Michael, but this is a great second best. He has all the moves aka. pelvic thrusts… and his voice carries through to give a great performance.


The backup dancers give their all into the performance. The costume changes were fun to see and flattered the different songs from different albums and genres.


If you or your family are looking for a reasonably priced, high energy show and you are a Michael Jackson fan I highly recommend this show. This is definitely the best Michael Jackson tribute show I’ve ever seen.


They are even offering a promotion where you can get a free kids ticket {under 12 years} with every paying adult.

Thank you again to MJ Live for inviting us to this great show! We’ll be back!

Heather Reese
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