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Review: Fat Burger Las Vegas

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Welcome to part four of our family vacation to Las Vegas! If you are new to the series check out posts one, two and three!

On the hottest day of my life {that may be an exaggeration} we packed up tons of bottled waters and headed out to see the sights along the strip. We always try to get up and going early before the heat and the people are up! I’ve noticed that the strip doesn’t really get going till almost lunch time which is perfect for kids to really soak in all there is to see without huge crowds of people.

After we did a couple of hours of exploring we were hungry, thirsty and hot. But mostly hungry, so we stopped by the Fat Bar for lunch.  Yes, I took my kids to a bar for lunch. I love how they have the restaurant set up. Outside they have the one and only Fat Bar, and then inside they have the Fat Burger we are all used to. The bar is a hopping night club type place at night and during the day you can still relax at the actual bar and have every drink you can imagine… but during the day it makes for the perfect place to have a great meal and cool off {they have mist lining the whole area, heaven on a warm day} while still being able to enjoy the sights of The Vegas Strip!

We focused on drinks first! I’m such a MOM! I ordered a Shirley Temple. Did you expect anything different?

One of us passed out. It wasn’t from drinking I promise… well maybe too much water but that’s all I’m saying! I think 50 people stopped us and commented on the long night she must have had. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Time to eat! We were not too hungry because it was so hot out, but then we saw the menu. Strangely we became famished! Having 4 vegetarians in our family, the girls and I were thrilled that they offer a veggie burger! And then when the food came we rejoiced!


Check out these onion rings! My middle daughter ordered them… I might have had one or two or five. They were so good!

Veggie burger! A real veggie burger with huge fries that tasted so good!

For all you meat eaters… Fat Burger is known for their burgers… here is proof that they rock. My husband is a burger expert and he gave it two thumbs up!

After we ate the manager let us in on a secret… they just started selling snow cones in this little sidewalk cart below. On a hot day, these are like the best thing ever! If you are the drinking kind you will be happy to know that they make an adult version that features alcohol. Genius if you ask me!

The girls were happy with their grape flavoring…

And this one had lime…

And yes, I really was here… busy taking pictures and giving my husband the “don’t you dare take a picture of me all sweaty in this heat” look.  He really listens well!

 Thank you to the PR  firm for Fat Burger and Fat Bar for providing this experience to us in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


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