Reese Vlog Pete & Ashley Are Sick, Now What?

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Today’s vlog is a little different than normal because Pete & Ashley are sick, and out of commission. So, we (Heather, Maddie, and Emmy) stole the camera and went to a family birthday party and had some great Italian Food without them. We still managed to have fun! Here’s hoping they get well soon! This is Reese Family Vlog 135.

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Is anyone in your family sick right now?

Pete Reese
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  • Aww, sad to know that they are both sick. I hope they get better soon. It’s nice to see the three of you hanging out and having fun though.

  • Thankfully, we have dodged winter illness so far. Hopefully, we get through the winter without it. Bummer to see that Pete and Ashley are sick. It looks like the 3 of you had some fun though!

  • I hope that they are feeling better soon! I hate this time of year with up and down temperatures.

  • Hoping your family gets well very soon!! We are doing well, thankfully. Loved the vlog, what a nice dinner and the scenery is so pretty.

  • Hope everyone gets well soon. I only have one child but when my husband AND the mini are sick it’s like having 2 whiney little brats to take care of xD Sigh… men, am I right?

  • you have a lovely daughters! they are all pretty! what a perfect family! i hope your daughter is feeling better now and you guys enjoy the dinner!

  • Pete & Ashley are really awesome, they are enjoying a lot, all time traveling anywhere, thank you very much for sharing this awesome article.

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