Reese Family Vlog 134 – Wodapalooza 2017 Wrap Up Vlog

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We have been home from Miami for a couple of weeks now, and we decided to do a compilation vlog for the time that Ashley and I spent in Miami for Wodapalooza 2017. These are all the best moments and lots of clips of all the action. Wodapalooza is a CrossFit style fitness competition, and it is one of the largest in the world. Ashley competed in the 13-15 year old division and she placed 8th. Lots of great memories were made here! This is Reese Family Vlog 134!.

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Have you ever been to Miami in January?

Pete Reese
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  • I have actually never been to Miami at all. It sounds like a pretty good place to be in January!

  • I really like the looks of Miami. You did such a great job at getting vast images of your hotel and just all the surrounding buildings at your location. Looks awesome in daytime and nighttime.
    Your daughter is really something – you can see her passion in the video. I know she is putting in some hard work; I am sure you don’t just run into one of these competitions – they require preparation and hard work.

  • I love seeing dedicated young people. When they make it to competitions that are that big and place that high, you know they’re going somewhere in life!

  • Looks like she did a great job and loved doing it too. That rope climb would have negated me forever, lol. I never could get up one of those.

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