Reese Vlog Another Big Storm Pummels San Diego!

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This is Reese Family Vlog 132! We had another huge storm pummel us today in San Diego.  We are not used to all this rain and wind.  Follow along as our house continues to leak and we hunker down to ride it out.  

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Have you had any crazy weather in your area lately?

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  • We haven’t had any crazy weather in our area lately, unless you count the low 40s in Chicago in January crazy. That’s the kind of crazy I’ll take, though.

  • Colorado we just get snow. And more snow. And maybe even more snow. I am glad we don’t live in a place that gets much worse!

  • Our weather has actually been pretty decent up here lately. Now that we came through that two week period of sub-arctic Hell, it hasn’t been so bad up here.

  • What a stunningly beautiful home you have! We live in Kansas so the weather is forever bizarre. Anyone who lives here will tell you if you do not like the weather – wait a minute, it will change. LOL be safe there!

  • That was some really scary wind gusts you had. It was howling! Emmy seemed to enjoy the weather though. Kids that age always find fun in everything. Thanks for sharing the video. Stay safe always!

  • I’ve had some crazy weather too. We had temperatures that dropped as low as -25 degrees. We had wind with gusts up to 40 mph, which brought wind chills as low as 30 below 0! We have also had quite a bit of snow. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring. Winter has been too cold this year!

  • That is crazy how many storms the area is having to deal with! I have never been much of a fan of the rain even let alone this kind of storm. Some people like it because they say it helps them sleep but I always think of the worst.

  • We just had a Nor’Easter with wind/rain/snow/ice. I loved the video! We used to live in Oklahoma, so we’ve definitely seen some crazy wind and storms move across there!

  • We deal with crazy spring storms all the time in Texas. This winter we have had quite a bit of rain and it helped fill up our lakes again. Texas has experienced drought conditions for several years and we finally got our lakes full last spring. Hopefully, they will stay that way for a while.

  • I was basically at the point that I wanted to close down the state. No more rain, no more working in the rain. I’m happy to see blue skies again!

  • Wow, the weather looks insane where you are! I’m in London and other than one day of snow we’ve had winter pretty easy here! It’s cold but at least the sky is blue and its bright and crisp!

  • It’s chillier here in Florida than I’m used to. My mom is in Ohio and she says it’s way warmer than it should be there right now. She is lovign that though. 😉 Stay safe.

  • Ya we’ve been having some weird crazy weather up North. Snow then rain, then ice then 50 degree days lol.

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