Reese Vlog Crushing Storm Hits San Diego!

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 Today we had an insane storm pass through our area. This storm caused some serious water damage at our house and some major damage in many other homes in the area. Follow along as we go through one of the strongest storms we have ever seen in San Diego. This is Reese Family Vlog 131!

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Has there been any crazy storms in your area this year?

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  • We had a big ice storm this Winter. It was so pretty to see all the ice on the trees. I was lucky to not loose power like so many did.

  • The weather has been so mild this winter. We have had to deal with a lot more rain then usual. I am so happy we have a working sub pump.

  • Sorry about the storm damage. We have gotten 36 inches of snow here in Arizona. Yes, I said Arizona. Flagstaff was just pummeled. It has literally snowed every day since Thursday.

  • No crazy storm at all! It was super windy yesterday though and 4 bridges were in ‘alert’ because of it. I almost hit my head on the door because of it too. LOL! I’m okay without snow storm because I’ve taken nice pictures of my kids when there was only 1in. Hahaha.

  • WE have been through something similar and you just have to remember to be thankful that nobody got hurt. I am always trying to remember that when we have damage to the house, ti can be replaced, people can’t.

  • You guys are awesome getting up so early to workout.

    We had a severe storm a few days ago. They even put out tornado warnings. Thankfully, it missed us directly but it did hit nearby.

  • We haven’t had much for storms this year yet. Sounds like you had a big storm though. I don’t mind storms, unless they get really crazy.

  • We had a crazy storm over the weekend with gusty winds that knocked down power lines in nearby towns which caused them to lose power. So thankful it didn’t knock down power lines in our area.

  • I’m up in Northern California, and the storms haven’t been too crazy – but it’s definitely more rain than we’ve seen in awhile!

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