Reese Family Vlog 115 – Sweaters For Our Pets!

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This is Reese Family Vlog 115. We bought these sweaters for our cats and dog last week when we were at the pet store. None of our animals have every worn a sweater, so we thought it would be funny to try it out. Let’s just say the cats weren’t too happy about this!

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Do you put sweaters on your cats or dogs?

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  • haha So cute! My dog isn’t a dog who likes wearing clothes. Closest he gets to wearing anything is when we put his Thunder Shirt on him during storms.

  • My Sisters dogs have an entire wardrobe. I love the costumes. Her Chihuahua has a unicorn outfit.

  • My dogs would never stand to wear any kind of clothing, and we live in frigid MN. At one point I bought them little boots hoping to protect their paws from the snow and ice, most hilarious fail ever!

  • My moms dog definitely loves to wear little sweaters and coats in the winter time. He loves going to outside sonit works for him.

  • Too funny! I secretly love dressing my dog up too but I know some people who just don’t get it! I don’t do it all the time, but just for holidays and other special occasions!

  • My dog used to love his doggie jacket. I can’t imagine our cats’ reactions if we tried to put sweaters on them. We would defiantly have to bribe them with wet food too!

  • I absolutely adore watching pets in clothes – especially dogs (and goats, for some reason!). But if I ever tried to put my cats in clothes, I’d lose a limb haha!

  • Aww these are so sweet, when we used to have a dog he was quite small, sort of like a jack russell cross but would get cold so he would wear coats or jumpers! Our cats would murder us if we tried though :p

  • I personally love dressing up my dog and purchasing clothes for him. My husband? Not so much. 😉 That said, he does have a couple items that I’ll slip on him from time to time and he actually likes his clothes.

  • oh my these would be perfect for the pets in my hood, chicago is freezing!! I don’t know how they go out walking and don’t get cold the poor littles!

  • It’s so hard to find anything for my bulldog… he’s too broad! He can almost wear an adult small shirt. I did find a snow jacket for him a few years ago for storms.

  • They look so cute! I have cats, but I don’t dress them up. They hate it when I try too. They stay indoors when it’s cold out anyways.

  • My older dog had a sweater but I don’t know that she really liked wearing it. I haven’t tried getting my Yorkie a sweater. He needed one the other day, I know he got cold. Poor baby. Texas weather is so unpredictable too.

  • Those sweaters are so adorable!! My little puppy Lilu also enjoys wearing sweaters. Her favorite one says “Super Model” and people on the street always stop and say how cute that sweater is!

  • I loved to dress my cat up at the holidays. One Halloween she was a witch and it was so cute!

  • Hahaha too cute and funny!!!!! I did out a Christmas sweater on my cat last month. Lasted about a whole 2 minutes

  • LOL I love how the dog initially doesn’t want to try the sweater and later on is all happy about it. I’m on the fence with it comes to clothes on pets! LOL

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