Father Daughter CrossFit Challenge!

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This is the last day of 2016, and what better way to end it than a Father/Daughter head to head CrossFit Challenge. Ashley and I started CrossFit together in July of 2014. We are pretty even in a lot of ways (actually she is better than me in many ways too,) so it was a great race between us. For those of you that are into CrossFit, we did light Fran which was with 75lb/55lb so we could go a little faster than normal. Also, we spent the day getting ready for a little get together we had out our house on New Year’s Eve.

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Have you ever thought about doing CrossFit?

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  • I love to see a girl bonding with her father over anything. I think it’s so impressive how she pushes herself to be better and stronger. I love that her did is helping her with it.

  • Yes I have! I really want to get in shape and this would be such a great way to do this! I think your daughter hubby are mazing for doing this! What a great family time too!

  • Being fit is amazing to your daughter, it looks like they’re having fun and they’re love what they’re doing.

  • I’ve heard so many great things about Cross Fit but I don’t think it meshes well with my type of workout motivation. This sounds like a fun way for fathers and daughters to bond, though.

  • Whoa… this is great! Good for you both for doing such healthy activities together!! Sounds like a great way to spend some quality time with one another.

  • The best way to reach your goals is to have a great support system. I would do a lot better if I had someone to work out with, I may need to talk to my husband about crossfit.

  • That is so great! Good for them both! I have never really thought about crossfit before. This would be something my husband would probably love though. He loves lifting weights.

  • This looks like it was a lot of fun for them for sure to do the father daughter crossfit challenge. I have never thought to do crossfit training but I know my son would love doing it. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  • That is awesome. I wish that I could do cross fit but don’t think my doctors would totally approve at the moment. I am in rehab again for my back.

  • Omg how fun!!! Crossfit would be such a neat hobby to do together. Glad your daughter enjoys it!!!

  • It’s so cool that you guys found something to do together that you enjoy. CrossFit looks like a lot of fun and it looks very challenging.

  • Honestly, I never thought about it and since I am preggers now I won’t be thinking about it until after this baby. lol. So cool to see father and daughter working out together! Well done!

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