Self Driving Car With A Shower!

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Let me first start by saying Happy New Year! This is our first vlog upload of 2017, and we will have a new upload for you EVERY day of 2017. We are excited with the community that we are building with the vlog, and we thank all of you for your wonderful support. We promise that 2017 will be a great year of content, and as always, we love any constructive criticism that you have for us. We are always looking to get better! 

Heather and I take a trip to the San Diego International Auto Show to Check out everything new that Kia has in store for the new year and beyond. Thanks to Kia for sponsoring our trip to the show and allowing us access to everything. We also go the opportunity to go on a Kia Ride and Drive in a Kia Optima, one of the many vehicles they had available to test out. We did have to make a quick stop on our way down to the auto show to pickup a wheelchair for Heather due to her broken foot! She was not happy about it, but it turned out to be a perfect way for her to get around.

Oh, and we also show you that self driving car with a shower that is the Kia Niro Triathlon. This is the future….and not too far off either!

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So, do you think we will really upload a new video every day in 2017?

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