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Reese Family Vlog

Reese Family Vlog 101 – That Is An UGLY Christmas Sweater!

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A last minute trip to the mall just before Christmas may not have been the best idea! Featured in this vlog is Maddie's insanely ugly and vintage Christmas sweater from 2001. But, she doesn't really agree that is ugly… 

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Do you think this sweater is legitimately ugly or would you wear it around town?

Pete Reese
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  1. I personally think it is a cute sweater. I guess I am somewhat old fashioned. I haven’t owned any Christmas outfits since I was in high school. I remember making my own shirt using fabric and the puff paint. I kinda miss it now.

  2. Maybe the sweater’s not for Christmas, haha! You guys enjoy and stay cool, looking forward to your next year’s travel destinations!

  3. It looks adorable on her though! I don’t know I’d call it ugly – different for sure – but hey to each their own! It’s fun this time of year!

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