Reasons We Love Cruise Vacations

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Someone is LOVING the cruise! She hasn't wanted to leave the kids club and all the fun activities on the Crown Princess! ♡♡♡♡♡

We LOVE to cruise! This was Emmy’s happy face on the first day of our cruise last year. Pure joy! 

Cruising is one of our favorite vacations because you can hop onboard, unpack, and see some beautiful destinations. Even if you never leave the ship, you will still have an awesome time because there is so much to do onboard, and I haven’t even mentioned the food! We enjoyed some amazing cuisine on our cruise!

Cruising is great for everyone. Imagine a couples getaway on a luxury voyage to Tahiti, a European river cruise to Paris and Normandy, a magical family-friendly seven-night Caribbean cruise at sea, or even a 14-day cruise to Asia stopping in Shanghai and Hong Kong. There really is the perfect cruise vacation for all!

california cruise review

Pete and I have a running list of all the cruises we want to go on. Most of them are family-friendly, but we have started to add some for when the girls are grown up. Maybe they will even want to join us for these cruises? That would be awesome too! 

cruise ship in Santa Barbara

What is your dream cruise?

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