Reasons We Love Cruise Vacations Plus Win A Cruise

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I'm sharing why we love to cruise and how you can win a free cruise in this sponsored post partnership with CLIA.

Someone is LOVING the cruise! She hasn't wanted to leave the kids club and all the fun activities on the Crown Princess! ♡♡♡♡♡

We LOVE to cruise! This was Emmy's happy face on the first day of our cruise last year. Pure joy! 

Cruising is one of our favorite vacations because you can hop onboard, unpack, and see some beautiful destinations. Even if you never leave the ship, you will still have an awesome time because there is so much to do onboard, and I haven't even mentioned the food! We enjoyed some amazing cuisine on our cruise!

Cruising is great for everyone. Imagine a couples getaway on a luxury voyage to Tahiti, a European river cruise to Paris and Normandy, a magical family-friendly seven-night Caribbean cruise at sea, or even a 14-day cruise to Asia stopping in Shanghai and Hong Kong. There really is the perfect cruise vacation for all!


Are you smiling yet?  You will be when I share this….

The cruise industry is kicking off the annual #CruiseSmile #sweepstakes to celebrate Plan a Cruise Month with a chance to win some really amazing cruises!!!

california cruise review

Now through October 31st, share your best #CruiseSmile selfie each day for a chance to win one cruise vacation of your choice each week in October. Emmy was all smiles on our cruise, so I have a lot of these pictures to share this month!

More info: October is Plan a Cruise Month, and for the second year, the cruise industry is launching #CruiseSmile that offers the chance to win a cruise vacation each week during the month of October. A variety of cruises will be showcased at under the themes; family-friendly, cultural exploration, fun in the sun and exploring nature. With 31 unique cruises, entrants have the chance to win a cruise vacation experience of choice appealing to individual travel styles and preferences.

Pete and I have a running list of all the cruises we want to go on. Most of them are family friendly, but we have started to add some for when the girls are grown up. Maybe they will even want to join us for these cruises? That would be awesome too! 


How to enter To Win A #CruiseSmile Free Cruise:

During the month of October, upload a “cruise smile” photo to and share the #CruiseSmile entry with friends on Twitter or Instagram, use #CruiseSmile and #Sweepstakes. Share your #CruiseSmile with friends to gain more entries.

Come back each day and discover a new, amazing cruise vacation that corresponds with the weekly #CruiseSmile theme. At the end of each theme period, a sweepstakes winner will be chosen.  Winners can then choose one of the featured cruises.  A total of four cruises will be awarded over the 31-day sweepstakes period.  In additional to a cruise, winners will also be awarded a complimentary transfer from Carey Limousine service.

cruise ship in Santa Barbara

I am so excited for the winners! We have been to some amazing places on our travels, and our family cruise is still at the top of our favorite vacations. Just knowing that others will get to experience this amazing vacation makes me so happy!

What is your dream cruise?

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  1. Cruises are the best way to explore the world especially since there are plenty of destinations to choose from and lots of things to do! I think this is amazing and the chance to win a cruise makes it all even better!

  2. My family will surely love to be in a cruise for vacation! I can’t wait to see who’s going to win, will join this!

  3. You know, I have never been on a cruise, but we have been talking about going soon. It sounds like it has everything we would need on our vacation… my only issue is finding one that offers one room big enough for 5 people… LOL… or if we need to split us…

  4. You will never have to convince me to go on a cruise! They are AWESOME!! I love how much you and your family love this one! Thank you for sharing your trips! I look forward to them everyday!

  5. I absolutely love cruising. I find it so relaxing and there is something for everyone to enjoy. I went on two this year, and have one booked for February. Really looking forward to it!

  6. My siblings and I took our mom on a cruise a few years ago and I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to it. I had heard all these horror stories about cruising, but we had the BEST TIME! I can’t wait to go on one with my immediate family.

  7. My dream cruise is to somewhere tropical. We have never traveled anywhere exotic and would love to cruise as a family.

  8. I’ve never been on a cruise before. I have always wanted to go though. My husband want to go on one where we can take our girls with. We think it would be a great family vacation.

  9. I have been on four cruises and I love them! My dream cruise is a Disney cruise or a cruise on any liner to Alaska.

  10. I love cruises! My family and I went on a cruise vacation when I was younger and it was such an amazing experience. I have been trying to convince my girlfriend to go on one, but she struggles with the idea of being at sea and suffers from motion sickness. But eventually I’ll convince her!

  11. This was a great post to read. I want to take my fmaily on a cruise and I certainly would not know where to begin.

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